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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 2, 2009 22:19 Flag

    Ledley King...

    On a serious note Spurs fans your Ledley, he whom has been lauded as "one of the best centre backs of his generation" (and rightfully so) was arguably at fault against Arsenal on Saturday.

    The question it raises simply must be...

    Can a player who rarely trains truly compete with this generation of athletes playing in the Prem. today?

    Should Harry do the decent thing and shout out " TAXI FOR KING" or is Old Lead legs still the "Daddy" in the eyes of his fans?

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    • Fab my arse king is still better then anything you've got with only one leg!!
      If you think your cb's are so great wot has happened against Manure and Citeh already this season??
      Lets hear your excusses when drogba roughs them up yet again.Or will it be the same excuses your paedo manager makes about this time next year we'll be champs again??

    • Hmmm, interesting one.

      For my money, we should stick with him, at least for the rest of the season and judge then. He was at fault, yes, but every defender will slip up from time to time, no matter who they are. Terry, Ferdinand, anyone. Hell, Tony Adams was immense, but he made a few errors over his career - its going to happen one way or another.

      The key is, as you said, will his form dip as he isn't training? Well, it's only been called into question this season, last season he was on form and wasn't training, which is why I'm keen to see him get his chance with whats left of this campaign. Maybe its catching up with him or, as I thing - but may be wrong - is it just a dip in form. Time will tell but for now, for my money, we stick with him. If anyone has earned a bit of faith its him.

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      • Ledley is and always has been a class act no two ways about it.

        Hell if Ledley had stayed fit long enough Arsenal would have bought him.

        Thing is, as good as he is,can he truly compete with the TOP forwards of todays game if he is unable to train and therefore reach full fitness?

        Would he have reached the ball before Van Persie had he been as fit as Van Persie ( a tea-total by the way) for the first wonderful Arsenal goal for example?

        Would he have tackled Fabregas before the ball was slammed into your net for the second (49 seconds after the first)?

        Can anybody be expected to truly compete with forwards whose fitness levels are on a par with the finest athletes, without training?

        Forget Arsenal if it "smarts", do you expect Ledley to be able to cope with Torres? or Drogba? Adebayor (when he isnt sulking obviously) or Berbatov and Rooney?

        Odd occassion maybe, but week in week out? Or in the really big games time after time when anything lacking can be brutally exposed?

        Players are trained to the highest levels and its the levels of fitness attained which WIN games for the big clubs time after time.

        Commenting after the game with Olympiacos in the CL earlier this season Wenger said something like " I just told the team to keep on doing what they are doing and that hopefully (Olympiacos) will eventually tire" .

        We won the game 2-0 first goal came in the 78th minute.

        ManU are also famous for their "late goals".

        Apologies if this does not interest you Yiddos, i just find it incredible that Ledley manages to "keep on trucking".

    • Old Fan,
      I'm not so sure Ledley has slowed - but when he play's you'll see that he doesn't seem too keen on turning quickly. You'll probably find that over a straight course, he's as quick as ever (all but) ..

      I've got exactly the same opinion as you. He's just stopping us addressing the problem. What happens in 3 months time, when an accidental slip or a couple of games on heavy pitches cause him too much grief? To me, play him when he's 100% fit - get him to that state and play him (if he's playing well) in every game that you can. Great - ideal. But that isn't the case - and if we're not careful, good players like Daws who give 110% will leave to get playing time.

    • Well SB - for someone who in another thread claims the title of "realist" - you've kinda blown your cover with this post (and I'm surprised you didn't find a way to trash Corluka in there somewhere - that's a first for you!). No doubt that realistically Ledley is great when he's fit, and he is realistically a great leader at the back and hold the back line together - but - he is realistically preventing others from getting the experience, establishing themselves, and establishing a relationship to build on for the future. And - in my opinion - he is realistically slowing down - no doubt because he cannot be as fit as is required to play prem leage quality football when he can't train. But two things seem to be clear - realistically you are never going to stop trashing Corluka, nor are you going to quit defending Ledley - being a realist and all.....

    • Lee,
      Its all so hypothetical anyway, as it matters not a jot what I think - and obviously 'arry wants to play Ledley until he wears his legs down to the nubbins.

      As for Bassong - no axe to grind there. He seemed to be a panic buy when we lost Daws/Woody, but irrespective of that, the man has to be given a fair crack of the whip.

      To me I still think what we lack is what we lacked two seasons back. I'm not a great fan of Palacios - so personally, I'd want a decent defensive midfielder - I would trade Jenas for that and keep Hudd - as I still think Hudd has more vision.
      The left side is still a problem - but if 'arry thinks bale can perform there then who knows?
      The centre back isn't so much of an issue with Bassong now in - but will be again if Woody/King can't play consistently, as that leaves just Bassong/Daws.
      And as for a striker - not sure. Pav just didn't seem to want to be there on Saturday - and what a chance to shine. Keane, because of the way we now play with Crouch there, is bypassed (I'd love to see the stats about how many balls went to Crouch on Sat - and in the air. Pointless nonsense. AND what made it worse, was when they took Keane off, they appeared (IMHO) to start to pass more on the deck. Insane). Daffy, I've never liked anyway - but I must admit he scores. So either stop playing the long ball to Crouch - and use Modric/Krancjar/Hudd to create chances. OR esle buy another striker who is good in the air.
      And finally, the keeper. Gomes - no...Cudicini...no.

      So in a simple answer:
      1) A decent keeper
      2) Maybe a CB
      3) A defensive midfielder
      4) Left 'winger'
      5) A striker (if we decide we won't to play hopeful high balls forward)

      So I'd only want to replace half the team. Spend another £100m.

      I honestly don't think we've moved on from MJ's days. How good does 2 fifths seem now?

    • i think its mad to even suggest getting rid of king.
      hes our best CB when fit. & if he plays the amount of games hes playing he will easily play more then 25 games this season.

      if we want to be succesful we will be playing at least 50games a yr so theres plenty of space for 4 CBs especially when u consider dawson & woodgate are also injury prone.
      i could even include bassong as injury prone if u look at his injuries already this season.

      if u want to get rid of king then i think u hugely overrate our team & squad.

      hes been great all season up until saturday & lets be honest, the whole team were poor.

      id love the reason for our poor form this season to be because of king. but if we are honest, we have far bigger problems.

    • I'd agree with that SB, as I've said, I'm putting his few mistakes down to a simple dip in form, rather than anything more ominous. I can understand and take on other peoples points of view on it though (John, Old fan etc) and it makes for an intersting topic for discussion (and this thread was started by an Arsenal fan - what is happening!?! haha)

      It looks like we will find out one way or the other as Harry rates him as his number one CB and will always start him when he can, so the questions over King will be answered in time - and hopefully in that time it wont have cost us too much.

    • I see your point John, but I saw it the other way - I didn't think Dawson was ample cover for King and thought we did miss him. Having said that though, I think Dawson has improved since the last time King had a long lay off. So I do understand where you'r coming from.
      And if we do get into the top 4 - big if - or Europa and have more games, then I personally think it could help having King sit out and having one of the other two, who aren't playing regularly, step in so they get playing time. All the top sides operate similarly to this and I think its part of the whole strength in depth argument.

      However, after giving it a lot of thought - about 10 whole minutes haha- and taking your points on board, maybe its time King was sat on the bench and being the one to filll in when needed? Certainly that would help with his injury, and maybe even get him some light training if he knows he's got more than a week to recover. I'm willing to bet he could come on and do a job when needed and it could get a few more years out of him. I know its different - with age and position - but look at what Man U are getting from Giggs now that he doesn't play all the time. He's putting in some of his best performances. Having a player like King able to step into the fold when needed could only be a good thing.

      I just don't think his time as a player is over yet - he has too much to offer. Thats my stance now - but if his form continues to dip then I'd agree, there is nowhere else to go.

      With regards to bringing in in Jan, I wouldn't be against seeing a CB come in - although I'd prefer our midfield strengthening first - any thoughts on who you'd like to see?

      On the Bassong front, I'd totally agree he's an unknown. Hasn't been world class but not played poorly. I think he needs a bedding in period to fully judge him so I'll wait and see on that one. May be promising to note though that my brother is a Newcaslte fan and watched him all last season where he said he was outstanding. However that was in a team that, on a whole, was performing poorly. Looking good for them and a team with aspirations for fourth is a different ball game. I guess we'll see soon enough.

    • Lee,
      To me, no.
      When Daws was playing regularly, we didn't miss Ledley at all.
      If Ledley becomes 100% fit and can play each game - great - but the whole point of us trying to finish top four is more games - CL or Europa. What point in a player who, regardless of whether he's 'injured' or not, can't play in the games that he would be vital to? And when he does play then breaks up an understandings that are forming?
      And in all that time that you're alloing him 'to see how he does' means that your still not looking for a true replacement. Maybe 'arry now sees Woodie,Bassong and Daws as ample cover - but, personally Basson is still much of an unknown - Woodie is still injury prone. So we then have what?

      Ledley was good - and for his attitude and service does not deserve to be thrown on the scrap heap. But if he can never get back to full 100%, then I would have liked to have seen him join our other 5 million ex Spurs players on the coaching staff.

    • You'll get no argument from me with regards to the MJ days, I never wanted him gone. His sacking was pathetic but I guess its ancient history now. I do rate a few players higher than you, but I would agree with getting shot of Jenas and Pav. I've always stuck up for Pav but what you said about Sat was right on the money.

      I'd like to think that Keane hasn't really had the chance to hit the highs of years gone by as he's playing out of position to facilitate the team. We brought in Krancjar for cover on the left, why not paly him there? I'd also agree to keep Hudd, though I see him more as a fringe player.

      Again, I agree with the Crouch thing - but I don't blame him for it. The other players should know not to just lump it forward. He's decent on the ball and his threat in the air isn't from long balls from the back, its from crosses. I can't understand that when he comes on people see him and instinctively seem to boot it to him, rather than playing like they can.

      I'd agree, pleanty to do, but on the upside no one is really taking the league by storm this season and, whilst I was worried about Man City crashing the top four instead of us, it looks like they are having a run of bad form too.

      Guess we'll see what Jan brings.

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