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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 12, 2009 02:14 Flag

    Top Four - HR?

    Top Four?

    Perhaps and Why not?

    Personally i believe unless one of the "traditional" top four capitulate then it will stay the same this season.

    Seems Lpool are doing just that but its EARLY days yet.

    Arsenal were f*cked this time last year and then went on a huge unbeaten run and achieved their usual place in the TOP four.

    IF one of the "BIG boys" fall and a position is available for a new contender then Man City look the most likely to fill it, if only because they have spent so much dosh, but for now Spurs have scored MORE than the CITY pretenders (let more in though) and are above them.

    Adebayor is back for City and a LOT of what City achieve (or not) will depend on him.

    Dont write off Villa and same goes for Everton.

    I prefer the "steel" in those teams to that of BOTH Spurs and City even after there arguably poor starts.

    Injuries will be telling and you are already suffering.

    4th IS achievable, but i still would back the "traditional BIG boys" to maintain the equilibrium.

    I'm NOT knocking you lot before it starts.

    I would LOVE to see 3 London clubs in the Top Four and therefore the CL.

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    • im pretty sure top 2 will be between utd & chelsea.then bit of a gap to arsenal at 3rd. then another gap to 4th.
      if liverpool get torres & gerrard fit & play more like they can then i think it will be liverpool 4th.
      spurs,everton,villa & city in any order nxt 4 with maybe sunderland breaking into the 2nd group of 4.
      hopefully liverpool will continue as they are & then we got as much chance of any of the others to get 4th.
      unless city buy some better players in jan then i dont think they can finish top 4.

      old fan i like your predicitons, hope u are right.

      im going to say 2 wins, 2 defeats & 2 draws.

      wigan (h) 3-1 win
      villa (a) 2-1 lose
      everton (a) 0-0 draw
      wolves (h) 2-0 win
      man c (h) 2-2 draw
      blkburn (a) 2-1 lose