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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 9, 2009 16:38 Flag

    Top Four - HR?

    'arry is still of the opinion that a top four slot is a possibility.
    It must be me, but (IMHO) our performances belie our position.
    He may be right, if we keep riding our luck and getting results against the run of play, but on a couple of the recent performances, I wouldn't put us in the top 6, let alone 4.
    OK, you can quote missing players, but as said on many occassions - the modern game is a squad game - so we must have a squad capable of the top 4 to achieve it. I don't think we're that far off, we just seem to lack ideas (after the hoof it Crouch approach) - and playing Keane as a Modric replacement just don't work.
    I though Hudd would step up to the plate and show what he can do - but even after a few consecutive games, he's still not grabbing hold of games like he should.

    Realistically, where do you lot think we'll end up? Do you go along with this top four bit?

    PS as for Daffy, did anyone else think that he appeared to intentionally leave his foot in with Craig Gordon? I know he's not my favourite, but at times he shows a really nasty streak as well.

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    • I think breaking the top four will be difficult, and unlikely, but not impossible - for the simple fact that other teams around us are playing about as well as we are.

      If I were to listen to my head, I would say we'll finish outside of the top 4 - 5th or 6th, but there is a always hope and I think Harry is doing the right thing pushing for 4th spot. The club and players have to be aiming for that. And on the plus side, we still seem to be picking up some points despite not playing well.

      What I will say though, is I am not a fan of what H.R. is doing playing Keane out wide, or that diamond formation they tried against Sunderland. It just doesn't work, in my opinion. Had he went a front two, and played Krancjar on the left with a more traditional four across midfield I think our performance would have been a lot different. Keane on the left or at the point of a diamond (with 3 behind him) just does not work.

      As for the Defoe instance with Gordon, I think his leg hung a bit, but I don't think it was done with any malice or intent. I guess only Defoe will know that for certain though.

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      • EY/Lee,
        Maybe it's going to be one of 'those' seasons - we're not playing well and are still sitting 4th, so maybe we'll continue winning when playing poorly (I suppose it's better than playing well and losing! - although I'm not so sure of that, as when you're playing well at least you know it's only a matter of time before the results start going your way).....

    • Top Four?

      Perhaps and Why not?

      Personally i believe unless one of the "traditional" top four capitulate then it will stay the same this season.

      Seems Lpool are doing just that but its EARLY days yet.

      Arsenal were f*cked this time last year and then went on a huge unbeaten run and achieved their usual place in the TOP four.

      IF one of the "BIG boys" fall and a position is available for a new contender then Man City look the most likely to fill it, if only because they have spent so much dosh, but for now Spurs have scored MORE than the CITY pretenders (let more in though) and are above them.

      Adebayor is back for City and a LOT of what City achieve (or not) will depend on him.

      Dont write off Villa and same goes for Everton.

      I prefer the "steel" in those teams to that of BOTH Spurs and City even after there arguably poor starts.

      Injuries will be telling and you are already suffering.

      4th IS achievable, but i still would back the "traditional BIG boys" to maintain the equilibrium.

      I'm NOT knocking you lot before it starts.

      I would LOVE to see 3 London clubs in the Top Four and therefore the CL.

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      • im pretty sure top 2 will be between utd & chelsea.then bit of a gap to arsenal at 3rd. then another gap to 4th.
        if liverpool get torres & gerrard fit & play more like they can then i think it will be liverpool 4th.
        spurs,everton,villa & city in any order nxt 4 with maybe sunderland breaking into the 2nd group of 4.
        hopefully liverpool will continue as they are & then we got as much chance of any of the others to get 4th.
        unless city buy some better players in jan then i dont think they can finish top 4.

        old fan i like your predicitons, hope u are right.

        im going to say 2 wins, 2 defeats & 2 draws.

        wigan (h) 3-1 win
        villa (a) 2-1 lose
        everton (a) 0-0 draw
        wolves (h) 2-0 win
        man c (h) 2-2 draw
        blkburn (a) 2-1 lose

    • Thank you Fab. Back to Hospital next week - again!!! but getting there I hope.

    • And Slayer pumps another goon load over his keyboard...ahhhhhh

    • I just tried to look at each of the next 6 games and decide win/lose/draw - can't do it! As Rambro said - we could win 'em all or lose any one of them. It all depends on which team shows up. There is no doubt that we are capable of not losing every game, and 12 points or even more are a possibility - and we could end up with 6 - the joys of supporting the Lillywhites!

      And it's nice to be able to agree with SB on something - quit playing Keane on the left! Play Kranjar, he is way better, knows what he is doing, and makes us more of a complete team. If Keane isn't good enough to play up front (and I do not think he is), sit him on the bench - the only reason he is starting is because 'arry made the mistake of making him captain when he came back from Liverpool.

      So -optimistically I'll go for either 8, 10, 11, 13, or 14 points (how's that for being pretty wishy washy!) - I just have trouble calling for a Spurs loss. I've gotta believe we win our home games, we've drawn a lot of games at Everton lately, same as at Blackburn.
      If I gotta call a number - I'll go with 11!

      Wigan (H)..............3 points
      Villa (A).................0 points or 3 points - tough to call
      Everton (A)............1 points
      Wolves (H)............3 points
      Man C (H).............3 points or 0 points - tough to call
      Blackburn (A)........1 point

    • Old Fan and Wise Old Head.

      On the money as usual, especially about Keane. When he first came to WHL he was pretty clueless and he seems to have gone backwards without Berba. Misses too many to be a top striker. Used properly, I think Pav would be more effective but it looks like we'll never know.

    • Lee,
      That's how I see it as well for what its worth. If Defoe played that role he wouldn't score either (didn't MU dump Rooney out wide as well at some stage?)
      I'm not sure why 'arry wanted Keane to perform that role, given the immediate purchase of Krancjar when Modric got injured - the mysteries of a manager's mind eh?

    • Thank you John and Old Fan - its nice to be back.

      I have never really been a Hudd fan. He so often fails to live up to his potential but more importantly I have played in too many teams where the laid back "can't care less" attitude of one or two players in the team has had a demoralising effect on the others. He has had more than enough time and opportunities to prove himself and he has failed to do that IMHO of course.

      I agree with you John that it certainly appears to be the case that since Crouch came in we have played the long high ball far more often and that is not a good thing obviously. I also agree that Crouch is better with his feet than with his head anyway which begs the question - why do our players think it is a good idea to continue to pump the ball into the opponents half when he is on the pitch? Also, I do not think that Crouch being on the park is an excuse for any player (especially one so "talented" as Hudd) to see that as a good enough reason to play against their natural style and start playing like Accrington Stanley.

      As far as injuries are concerened I don't go along with the general idea of "just wait til they come back". We should have a big enough and talented enough squad for a couple of injuries not to make that much of a difference and if we haven't then why not and if we have then we should be able to prove it. Surely injuries are what give the fringe players the chance to show they should be in the side. The only exception to this, for us anyway, might be Modric as he does give us something that the others in the squad can't.

      Lastly (at bl00dy last I can hear you say!) my Missus is the only thing that has kept me going in recent weeks so rather than being the reason for me ending up in Ward 10 in fact she is the reason I got out as quickly as I did! God bless her.

    • we've got to aim higher than that Greg, surely - I'd hope for minimum 12 points. If we can't pick up points off this lot, then we're going nowhere. We'll see

    • not sure about any of those predictions, for me really depends on who plays at center half, if we can have a settled back four for many/all of those games then we have a decent chance to pick up a good tally of points,if and I say if we are perceived to be pushing for the top four , these are games we shouldn't fear really ..saying that ...this season has seen some strange results go for teams outside the big four ...so very difficult to predict ..I'd take 9 points from those games...if we stay unbeaten during this run of games that'd be great for team morale...considering the lads to come back into the fold .....COYS

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