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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 14, 2009 00:36 Flag

    Totally Off Topic - Eire V France

    What do you think? 2-1 to Les Verts?

    I'd love to see all the 'home' teams (apologies Eire for including you lot in that if it offends) in a major championship - but I don't think I'll see that in my lifetime.
    I know the Scots tend to hate us, but I'd happily cheer any one of the teams on (unless they're playing us). I'll be there with my Guinness tomorrow....

    I recall the old 'home' internationals - brilliant stuff ...

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    • Hello John,

      Greetings from Ireland.

      I will be watching the game down the Kings Head in Galway City tomorrow night with Mrs Wolfie celebrating with a pint or 2 of Guinness ( hopefully with a win for the boys in green ).

      And after the match experience a ceilidh band and a few more pints of Guinness in Taafes bar.

      Oh and by the way, I have changed my ID from Wolfie to Galway Yiddo!

      Go Ireland ( Sainmhíniú )

    • At the end of the day, there ain't one guy in football since the day the game was first thought of who wouldn't handle a ball if he thought he could get away with it at a crucial stage in a game.
      H---Kieth Hacket

    • "John, you havent addressed any facts yet"

      TH14 has admitted he handled the ball.

      What other facts do you want addressing?

      "Are you implying you cant take a bit of two way traffic? "

      We get it all the time on the Arsenal board. If I couldn't take a bit of banter, I wouldn't stick around. If I wasn't so balanced, I wouldn't go on other boards either.

    • if keane had done what henry had done, id be just as disapointed with him.
      its got nothing to do with henry.
      i just hate players cheating & what i hate more is how accepted its become.
      & the best defence for cheating henry are statements like what about ireland celebrating shen maradona cheated.
      or its not his job to tell the ref or
      he scored a great goal against a team you support.
      none of those defence statements are very poor.
      i guess thats why we arent all lawyers.

    • unlucky ireland. such a shame the arrogant henry had to cheat.
      i cant deny henry was a talented footballer at arsenal but its so hard to like a guy who regulary cheats & is so arrogant.
      glad we havent got lots of cheats in our team.

    • "so why isnt it ok for someone to do the same to u on the arsenal board"

      Show me where I said that.

    • John of course there is anti goon bias.....thats normal ...note I am not on 'your' board stating this. If he left you over two years ago why are you so compelled to come over 'here' and defend him?
      My point was not that Henry obviously cheated...but that he has nurtured a reputation as some kind of mother Theresa figure over the years when most of us know he is nothing more than an arrogant, cheating scumbag. The PL is full of them and we have had a few too. But lets drop this facade that somehow Henry is a cut above your common or garden foreign cheat shall we? And on that basis we as yids have every right to abuse the cnut for what he is.

    • Looks like Gallas is well and truely in the school of Wenger:


    • John/Lee,
      Not sure if an Irish response to an English loss, or an English reponse to Korean loss, or an Iraqi response to a USA loss has 'owt to do with it.
      Cheating is just simply wrong. 'enry cheated, so did Maradona - and no doubt thousands of other top class players. But for all those who cheat and have cheated, I'd like to think (maybe misguidedly) that some players want to win simply because they're better than the opposition. If not, then it is seriously time to stop watching football - as if the majority of players intentionally try to cheat, then every foul, every decision has to be questioned and it becomes a case of who cheats better rather than who plays better. A bit pointless eh?

    • "its so hard to like a guy who regulary cheats "

      Don't blame the brilliance of TH14 on the fact that your boyfriends all found solace in the arms of more attractive women.

      That's so typical of women. They fail to be objective when they've been scorned

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