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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 14, 2009 00:36 Flag

    Totally Off Topic - Eire V France

    What do you think? 2-1 to Les Verts?

    I'd love to see all the 'home' teams (apologies Eire for including you lot in that if it offends) in a major championship - but I don't think I'll see that in my lifetime.
    I know the Scots tend to hate us, but I'd happily cheer any one of the teams on (unless they're playing us). I'll be there with my Guinness tomorrow....

    I recall the old 'home' internationals - brilliant stuff ...

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    • Hello John,

      Greetings from Ireland.

      I will be watching the game down the Kings Head in Galway City tomorrow night with Mrs Wolfie celebrating with a pint or 2 of Guinness ( hopefully with a win for the boys in green ).

      And after the match experience a ceilidh band and a few more pints of Guinness in Taafes bar.

      Oh and by the way, I have changed my ID from Wolfie to Galway Yiddo!

      Go Ireland ( Sainmhíniú )

    • Was dissapointed for Ireland, was rooting for them and thought a defeat was harsh. They had some good chances to win the game and, as has been said, I don't think France really did enough to deserve their win.

      Certainly un up hill battle now, but anything can happen. Fingers crossed - I'd love to see Ireland and England in the World Cup together (would have loved to see Wales and Scotland there too, but that seems much less likely).

    • Well, at minimum its a good excuse to have another couple of Guinnesses.
      I just hope France now 'expect' to win and so ease off. If Eire can get a goal just before half time, I think the game will be blown wide open again - and I think the boys in green want it more.

    • Hope you're right with that one John.

      And I would have to agree with Ireland wanting it more, I got the feeling from the game that France kind of just expect it to happen.

      Lets hope Ireland can get at them in France, as the underdogs with nothing to lose, and disrupt their game.

    • You must be psychic John!

      None other than our own Robbie Keane scored after 35 mins. Let's hope they get another one and win to get their deserved place in the SA.

    • unlucky ireland. such a shame the arrogant henry had to cheat.
      i cant deny henry was a talented footballer at arsenal but its so hard to like a guy who regulary cheats & is so arrogant.
      glad we havent got lots of cheats in our team.

    • Looks like Gallas is well and truely in the school of Wenger:


    • "its so hard to like a guy who regulary cheats "

      Don't blame the brilliance of TH14 on the fact that your boyfriends all found solace in the arms of more attractive women.

      That's so typical of women. They fail to be objective when they've been scorned

    • i was talking about football. u should join the loose women show if u more intrested in relationships. & u say im a typical woman, when ur the 1 behaving like 1.

    • Totally gutted.
      I always had the utmost respect for 'enry - he was a brilliant player - probably one of the best to grace the EPL in recent years. And to me he wasn't one of those players who went down at the slightest touch - he always seemed to rise above all that nonsense.
      Which makes it all the more unbelievable - I could have excused the first 'accidental' touch - but the second 'deliberate' movement of the hand to 'guide' the ball was just totally out of order.

      I think in these cases - especially where Given was so adamant - the ref should ask the player. If the player says 'No' it didn't touch my hand and a replay shows that it did, then the player should be punished as it's no different than a deliberate dive.

      Still - well played the Irish - they took the game to the French and made them look mediocre (more than I think England would have done in the same circumstances). Brilliant effort.

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