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  • Lee Lee Nov 17, 2009 19:09 Flag

    Young stars ?

    It's a worry, no question, and an unfortunate by-product of the Premiership being the best (my opinion) league in the world.

    What would need to happen, to help push English players through, is that every team would need a cap on how many foreign players they are allowed in either their squad or on the pitch at any time - then you would need to define foreign: is it outside of England, or outside of Britain etc.

    It will be difficult to do, and would take time, but I don't see any other way for the overall level of our players to improve.

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    • If memory serves, there used to be a cap but it was removed so I can't see it coming back in, though I agree with what you say.

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      • B2S, yeah, I think it was capped at 3 at one point, but was done away with to entice more big name stars and push the leagues profile.

        And yeah, can't see it coming back in, too many clubs would be in too much trouble with their squads (most of the big clubs). And its England as a national team that pays the price.

        The thing is though, you can't exactly blame the foreign players, they aren't holding guns to peoples heads demanding to be bought, it comes from the clubs and the FA.

        Shame too, as I think a cap of say 5 players on a pitch being foreign would be a fair way of doing things. But like you say, it wont happen.