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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Nov 18, 2009 10:06 Flag

    Young stars ?

    Its like B2S says, we can't do anything for ourselves in this country any more....make our own cars, machinery, electical goods....play our own football, build or design our own stadia, and as for the "England" cricket team, you might as well call them South Africa B. Please come on here and tell me I'm wrong, and that we're still the great nation that invented the greatest games in the world!

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    • It's not that we can't do these things, it's that corporations can make more money if they do these things abroad. Same goes for players, cheaper to buy from abroad. Its large companies and corporations that don't give a sh1t about the country, just money.

      It's not as if we can't make cars, electrical goods, machinery etc. We could probably make higher quality goods here than in most places in the world, it's just not good for profits. The blame lays squarely at the feet of greedy corporate @rseholes. Same for most things actually.

      They cock up everything by investing in dodgy schemes in other countries that would never be legal here, then come back to the British tax payer to bail them out. The whole point of the free market is that if you invest badly and fail, you go under. Otherwise they pretty much just have a free run to make any crappy investments they want.

      The bailout was incredibly ridiculous, bailing out companies and corporations that had cocked themselves over. They would have been better giving the public the money and letting them get the economy going again by investing in whatever they want rather than in companies hat had failed.

      I'm actually considering voting for the socialist party in the upcoming elections its got so bad.

      Lol that got a bit ranty there, but you can see the general jist of why things are so backward in the country nowadays.

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      • When you put it that way, it all sounds so natural. Not that we need a great empire anymore, but when you look at names like Rolls Royce, Norton, Triumph, Jaguar and so on, it gets me a bit misty...same as when I think of Greaves, Hoddle, Gascoigne and Nicholson! Just old age, I suppose. But what about the cricket thing? The most upsetting thing I find is that no other Test nation would think of playing so many players not born in their countries, not even Bangladesh! I know this is a football sight but I feel passionate about all of this, be it football, cricket, boxing or tennis. We are a country of some 40,000,000. Some of us must be talented?

    • Throughout history, the so-called great empires slowly climb over other nations until they reach the pinnacle. Arms folded, they proudly survey all those beneath them, basking in their own glory. They then start the descent down the other side of the hill, returning once more to virtual obscurity.

      It's always been that way.

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      • B2S,
        Spot on. Man never learns. Everything is a cycle. Everything. If it grows, it decays - if it lives, it dies - if it's hot, it gets cold - if it's cold it get hot....Circles in cirlcles - cycles. Look and learn.

        The problem with applying it to football, is that you know that the glory days of the EPL will wane, and maybe another league will take over - or worse, another sport. But in that ascendancy is a built in descendancy.

        If you've never read Asimov's Foundation Trilogy - read that.

        Tooooo early in the morning for philosophy....where's me tea?