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  • Born2Suffer Born2Suffer Nov 18, 2009 16:17 Flag

    Young stars ?

    Throughout history, the so-called great empires slowly climb over other nations until they reach the pinnacle. Arms folded, they proudly survey all those beneath them, basking in their own glory. They then start the descent down the other side of the hill, returning once more to virtual obscurity.

    It's always been that way.

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    • B2S,
      Spot on. Man never learns. Everything is a cycle. Everything. If it grows, it decays - if it lives, it dies - if it's hot, it gets cold - if it's cold it get hot....Circles in cirlcles - cycles. Look and learn.

      The problem with applying it to football, is that you know that the glory days of the EPL will wane, and maybe another league will take over - or worse, another sport. But in that ascendancy is a built in descendancy.

      If you've never read Asimov's Foundation Trilogy - read that.

      Tooooo early in the morning for philosophy....where's me tea?