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  • Where are the young stars being produced now days? ....look at Capello's squad (team) only 24 english to choose from that actually played first team premier league last week before the internationals.......thoughts?

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    • Another piece of England eroding away, along with our village shops & pubs, motor industry, motorbike industry, shipbuilding, railways, village schools, family life, responsible newspapers, children's freedom, considerate drivers, considerate neighbours, respectful children, authoritive teachers, milkmen (soon it will be postmen), coppers doing their job properly - nay anyone doing their job properly, honest politicians, banks that act with the utmost integrity and I'm sure there are lots more I could add but I'm too depressed now.

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      • B2S,
        Have you ever thought that the correlation in this case may be down to foreign managers?
        Whan I was a kid (more than 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 years back) the teams in the old 1st Div were made up of predominantly British (I don't recall toooo many foreigners - if any - I haven't got my old football sticker book to confirm that though) - and white players.
        Fortunately both the above things changed. Personally I see that as a good thing. The only problem I now see, is that foreign managers tend to bring in players from their own country (I'd like to see some stats on that - ie the proportion of French players via Wenger, Spanish via Benitez etc) - using the excuse that the players are cheaper and that British players are over priced. I'm not so sure that is the complete reason. It obviously makes sense to have two or three key players in your team that speak the same language as the manager so that at least some basic communication is possible. That obviously changes the longer the manager stays in that country's league system - Wenger now speaks better English than what I do. So as long as his players have a smattering of English, they can come from anywhere.

        BUT, BUT,BUT - doesn't anyone learn? Football is just an industry like any other now. So, by not buying British, the money doesn't filter down through the league system - so the lower divisions stagnate - they can't improve facilities, they can't afford top coaches etc. That money has then gone to support a foreign league system to the detriment to the British. If the trend persists, as long as the EPL keeps its status as a top league, then that will thrive, but the lower divisions will become poorer and they then also look to 'cheaper' foreign options. Vicious downward spiral.

        Again, I would like to see stats on what propotion of transfer money now goes from the EPL to lower divisions rather than externally to foreign leagues (and what the comparative was 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 years ago).

        I can only see the introduction of a 'core' of British players in every team in the league system as a way of securing the future. I would say that the 'squad' should be 50% indiginous (Britain has an anomaly here, and I would tend to say that should also be true across the 4 national leagues - ie English within the FA, Scottish within the SFA etc).

      • It's a worry, no question, and an unfortunate by-product of the Premiership being the best (my opinion) league in the world.

        What would need to happen, to help push English players through, is that every team would need a cap on how many foreign players they are allowed in either their squad or on the pitch at any time - then you would need to define foreign: is it outside of England, or outside of Britain etc.

        It will be difficult to do, and would take time, but I don't see any other way for the overall level of our players to improve.

    • Reminding me of the old laced ball has given me a headache, and I swear I can feel stud nails coming through my slippers and puncturing the soles of my feet.

      Now, where did I put that Dubbin?

    • Great start to a game on a muddy day, Born, eh. Soaking leather ball with the lace firmly embedded into your forehead. First and last memory of the game because your eyes wouldn't stop watering and a head ringing with funny noises.
      Great days---H

    • Its like B2S says, we can't do anything for ourselves in this country any more....make our own cars, machinery, electical goods....play our own football, build or design our own stadia, and as for the "England" cricket team, you might as well call them South Africa B. Please come on here and tell me I'm wrong, and that we're still the great nation that invented the greatest games in the world!

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      • Throughout history, the so-called great empires slowly climb over other nations until they reach the pinnacle. Arms folded, they proudly survey all those beneath them, basking in their own glory. They then start the descent down the other side of the hill, returning once more to virtual obscurity.

        It's always been that way.

      • It's not that we can't do these things, it's that corporations can make more money if they do these things abroad. Same goes for players, cheaper to buy from abroad. Its large companies and corporations that don't give a sh1t about the country, just money.

        It's not as if we can't make cars, electrical goods, machinery etc. We could probably make higher quality goods here than in most places in the world, it's just not good for profits. The blame lays squarely at the feet of greedy corporate @rseholes. Same for most things actually.

        They cock up everything by investing in dodgy schemes in other countries that would never be legal here, then come back to the British tax payer to bail them out. The whole point of the free market is that if you invest badly and fail, you go under. Otherwise they pretty much just have a free run to make any crappy investments they want.

        The bailout was incredibly ridiculous, bailing out companies and corporations that had cocked themselves over. They would have been better giving the public the money and letting them get the economy going again by investing in whatever they want rather than in companies hat had failed.

        I'm actually considering voting for the socialist party in the upcoming elections its got so bad.

        Lol that got a bit ranty there, but you can see the general jist of why things are so backward in the country nowadays.