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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 20, 2009 20:39 Flag

    why are we playing sunday?

    Yes KM the initial date they suggested it was back in June and you are quite right when you say it was on the cards to move it, but surely they could have put it on hold and waited a bit further down the line waiting to see who were travelling and what countries were left in the world cup, as happens Wigan did not have anybody on duty and we had Robbie Keane on duty.
    This Sunday football for me has gone to far it was always better on a Saturday you could make it a better day than Sunday.
    Yes its great to watch a game on TV if you cannot make the game but as a travelling fan the trains do not run properly on a Sunday and travelling by car up the motorway on a Sunday is also a nightmare, lets have more football on Saturdays i say.