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  • John John Nov 20, 2009 05:23 Flag

    The cheat has prospered..

    I can understand both of your viewpoints on the fact that by virtue of the fact that both of you seem dissapointed that a great player like TH14 would resort to cheating to get the upper hand (apologise for the poor choice in words)

    I would add that Ireland played out of their skins to win. It's a shame they didn't do the same at home, or they might not have found themselves in the position they did.

    The powers that be have done all they can to keep the 'big' teams in the WC. I would guess that more gamesmanship will be employed in the build up, and competition to see the final THEY want.

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    • The most sensible solution I've heard is for the Ref to ask the player if he handled. This gives him the chance to atone for his error, which understandably is often a spur of the moment reaction. If he owns up then the goal is dis-allowed and the game continues.

      However, if he denies it and the officials haven't spotted anything then of course the goal must stand, as the officials must be certain. If TV replays later confirm (as in this case) that the player did in fact cheat, he should be banned for a considerable time....like missing any remaining World Cup games in the current competition (Qualifying and Finals).

      I say this, because even though I would prefer action replays that the officials can scrutinise "on the fly", I doubt this will happen in the foreseeable future

      P.S. Henry is a cheating frog bastard and to say he is not the Ref and therefore intimating it's not his fault sickens me. If it's not his fault, who the fcuks is it!!!!.

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      • B2S,
        The idea is only really taking the court pleading system to the football pitch.
        IE you rely upon the integrity of the player to say 'guilty as charged' or 'not guilty'. The point being is that you then punish the player far more if they plead not guilty and force the 'trial' and they are then judged to be 'guilty'.
        However, as in all walks of life the drawback is 'intent'. Hanball being a particularly awkward bit of legislation as it has to be 'hand to ball' - ie with some form of intent. I personally think in Henry's case, the first contact was unintentional - so that wouldn't have been punished - but the second touch showed (IMHO) intent.

        The problem will still be the play who jumps or slides in and their hand is then in an 'abnormal' position and the ball strikes it (that then isn't necessarily handball) BUT you could argue that you assumed that body position to create a bigger obstical - so therefore was intentional.

    • I respect your opinion John,

      Cheating is all too prevelant in this day and age and a team like France not qualifying for the WC finals is unthinkable to the most influential people in the game like Sepp Blatter & Michel Platini.

      Ronaldo lost a hell of a lot of respect and until he moved to Madrid was vilified at every ground he visited for his antics in getting Rooney sent off in the Euros a few years back.

      Maybe then answer lies in having goal-line technology or additonal referees behind each goal.

      I don't think that this matter will go away overnight, and I believe that for every good exponant of the game, there are twice as many cheats like Robbie Savage, Ronaldo & now surprisingly Tierry Henry.

      Perhaps sadly, this is the route that today's game is heading towards - I guess we just have to allow for the few bad apples to spoil the game and hope that the referee or assistants get a view that the countless millions watching on the televison..

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      • Ah Mike, it's a shame that Platini's trial of having additional linesmen didn't apply for WC games rather than just UEFA Cup games. But then, Platini is French ... I rest my case :-(

        I sympathise with the Irish (as I would with the Scots, Welsh or N Irish too in a similar position) - they played much better than the French last night and on balance deserved to win over the 2 games.

        But the French probably have a greater pulling power in SA than the Irish, sad as that seems. Shame they couldn't have played with the passion of the Irish to warrant their place in SA.

      • Apologies... I was mean to say..

        'get the same view that the countless millions watching on the television had seen'

        My finger clicked on the post message before I had a chance to finish!