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  • John John Nov 20, 2009 18:28 Flag

    The cheat has prospered..


    One last thing I spotted was an interview with Frank Stapleton. He was asked about the handball. His answer was:-

    "There is so much pressure on games these days, and there are plenty of players out there who, given the same set of circumstances and position as Henry, would do exactly the same thing.

    Henry could have told the ref before the final decision was given to allow the goal, but to believe that any professional player out there would do that? No, that would not happen. That's too much to ask."

    There you have it. TH did what other pro's would do to win the game. It ain't right. It ain't fair. It happens though. Just as it does in many other sports.

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    • Frank Stapleton's comments were spot on for me, John.

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      • it seened to me that henry CONTROLLED the ball and that it was deliberate....cheating is cheating....i was cheated out of decisions at cricket by home umpires and it angered me....no true sportsman cheats.i have declared 'no catch' to balls that did not carry......this may sound goody-goody in this cynical world today ,but that is how i feel....also why the silence from Platini and Blatter....the vociferous champions of fair play?
        anyway Henry is now marked for life...like madonna is to us...

      • I totally agree John. Cheating is cheating is cheating. I agree with most of the comments on this thread and most of all that if a player is caught cheating, either at the time or as the result of a replay later on they should be punished heavily.

        The problem is that whereas in the real world if any of my employees did something wrong I would deal with it myself, in the form of a disciplinary, even if its to the advantage of the company (because thats not the impression we want to give our customers) in the footballing world a player does something wrong the manager 'doesn't see it' whether its a dive, kicking, spitting, handball, whatever. They don't seem to care that they have a cheat in the team.

    • I'm with John Locke on this one as cheating is cheating. You cannot be selective in this, either you are for it or you are against it. Too understand the pressures is not the same as condoning it.

      And of course, you wouldn't expect most of today's players to "own up". The point is, if they know there is a reasonable chance they will be tumbled and punished severely later, it might just provide them with an incentive to come clean, their choice.

      But when they are caught they should be severely dealt with.


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      • B2S,
        Did you audition for Grumpy Old Men as well?

        Take a look at this site http://www.oldbaileyonline.org - put in something like theft in the 'Search Proceedings' on the right. Then read the cases and sentences. Amazing. 300 years ago, we hung people for stealing - it seems that 'burglary' was the thing they clamped down on then - you could steal and just get transportation - but if you 'broke in' they seem to opt for 'death'.

        I found it hard to believe when reading some of the cases, that they weren't scripts from a poorly produced TV programme. Hard to believe the cases are actual transcripts.

        So to recap - yep, I'm with you:
        SHIRT PULLING - public flogging
        DIVING - transportation to? (I'd favour Benidorm - what could be worse than that?)
        INTENTIONAL HANDBALL - death by hanging.
        INTENTIONAL HANDBALL INSIDE THE AREA (either way, as an attacker or a defender) - hung drawn and quartered.

        Just call me Judge Jeffreys.....no, not the Sly Stone one....