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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 20, 2009 19:38 Flag

    The cheat has prospered..

    Did you audition for Grumpy Old Men as well?

    Take a look at this site http://www.oldbaileyonline.org - put in something like theft in the 'Search Proceedings' on the right. Then read the cases and sentences. Amazing. 300 years ago, we hung people for stealing - it seems that 'burglary' was the thing they clamped down on then - you could steal and just get transportation - but if you 'broke in' they seem to opt for 'death'.

    I found it hard to believe when reading some of the cases, that they weren't scripts from a poorly produced TV programme. Hard to believe the cases are actual transcripts.

    So to recap - yep, I'm with you:
    SHIRT PULLING - public flogging
    DIVING - transportation to? (I'd favour Benidorm - what could be worse than that?)
    INTENTIONAL HANDBALL - death by hanging.
    INTENTIONAL HANDBALL INSIDE THE AREA (either way, as an attacker or a defender) - hung drawn and quartered.

    Just call me Judge Jeffreys.....no, not the Sly Stone one....

    • John Locke, I take it you meant as well as you.

      You didn't state your preference on public flogging, the cat or the birch. Also, omitted was burning at the stake and dunking in the pond.

      Another one could be house arrest with only the four terrestrial channels to watch..... that would soon bring em to their knees.