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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 21, 2009 15:11 Flag

    The cheat has prospered..

    I don't think it will be forgotten. It won't be spoken about as much, I agree, but that's just the nature of time.
    Any odds that it all gets regurgitated when the finals start? The question of whether France should actually be there or not? Maradonna's 'hand' isn't mentioned everyday, but it resurfaces often enough to haunt the man - it will be the same for Henry.
    Wait for the fake 'adds' (mastercard ..... priceless) to start appearing on the net/youtube.

    And maybe I'm a cynic, but I think Henry's protestations now are simply borne out of the fact that he realises how much damage that one act has done to him. The problem for him is that the damage has now been done.

    And I don't subscribe to the '...oh and every player would have done the same thing in those circumstances...', as if that's the case then there must be many similar situations every week in the EPL alone where a ball is going out of play beyond a striker and where he could handle it to keep it in play.