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  • Anthony H Anthony H Nov 22, 2009 09:22 Flag

    The cheat has prospered..

    Now that it has been confirmed that France and not Ireland will be going to the World Cup, the only fair/ decent thing that can help in any way. Would be that HENRY is banned from going to the World Cup.

    And to rub it in even more France went up 2 places in the rankings and Ireland went down 2

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    • Has any one heard whether or not Mnsr Arse Wegner has commented on this incident? Knowing him he would probably claim not to have seen it ! After all Henry was ( and probably still is ) a favourite bum-boy of his.

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      • Apparantly Ar$ene W*nker told Terry Henry to apologise.

        But in the cold light of day even an apology is considered nowhere nearly good enough. With the WC draw just two weeks away, it does not give enough time for the match to be restaged.

        Because of Henry's dishonesty, France will be seen as villans of the piece at the WC finals - I just hope that England are drawn against them. France going out before the knockout stages will be poetic justice.