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    The cheat has prospered..

    Who would ever have thought that 'Terry Henry' would resort to cheating in order to get to next year's World Cup finals - what ever little respect I had for him has disappeared.

    The cheating ex-gooner scumbag even admitted to handling the ball in the run up to the Froggies equaliser!!

    I would never wish that a player suffers a career-threatening injury, but if Henry were to break his leg in next years WC finals it would be considered poetic justice..

    Now in has been announced that Ireland would not even be given the luxury of having the game replayed.


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    • Now that it has been confirmed that France and not Ireland will be going to the World Cup, the only fair/ decent thing that can help in any way. Would be that HENRY is banned from going to the World Cup.

      And to rub it in even more France went up 2 places in the rankings and Ireland went down 2

    • John,
      I don't think that it does happen every week - but even if it happened ten times a game, it doesn't make it right. You surely can't condone cheating on the basis that '...other people do it...'?
      I just saw the Gillette Soccer Sat buch discussing it and Le Tiss basically said what you're saying and also said that he'd intentionally hand balled it - so Jeff asked him how many times he'd then cheated at golf and Les Tiss said 'none'. Isn't that the point? If everbody just ignores the cheating it becomes endemic. It needs to be rooted out - not excused.

    • "every player would have done the same thing in those circumstances"

      Damien Duff said that he and Robbie would have done it.

      Not saying every game, but games that are THAT important.

      In the six yard box, it happens nearly every week.

    • I don't think it will be forgotten. It won't be spoken about as much, I agree, but that's just the nature of time.
      Any odds that it all gets regurgitated when the finals start? The question of whether France should actually be there or not? Maradonna's 'hand' isn't mentioned everyday, but it resurfaces often enough to haunt the man - it will be the same for Henry.
      Wait for the fake 'adds' (mastercard ..... priceless) to start appearing on the net/youtube.

      And maybe I'm a cynic, but I think Henry's protestations now are simply borne out of the fact that he realises how much damage that one act has done to him. The problem for him is that the damage has now been done.

      And I don't subscribe to the '...oh and every player would have done the same thing in those circumstances...', as if that's the case then there must be many similar situations every week in the EPL alone where a ball is going out of play beyond a striker and where he could handle it to keep it in play.

    • http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/8367895.stm

      Damien Duff claiming that if the play was at the other end, both he and Robbie would have done the same thing in the hope that the ref wouldn't see it.

      Both Arsene Wenger and Roy Keane have said that they could sight at least ten cheats every week in the premiership. It's accepted as part of the game due to pressure on winning.

      None of the pros lay the blame at Henry's feet (ahem). The problem with the game lies above him, with both the referee's and France.

      Both AW and TH14 have both said they would be happy if France offered a replay.

      SB you seem to have a bee in your bonnet about labelling Henry against the evidence of one incident. Name me one player you admire, and anyone here could give you at least time that player cheated.

      You will have to accept the fact that in a week or two, this will be forgotten.

    • Mike,

      One last thing I spotted was an interview with Frank Stapleton. He was asked about the handball. His answer was:-

      "There is so much pressure on games these days, and there are plenty of players out there who, given the same set of circumstances and position as Henry, would do exactly the same thing.

      Henry could have told the ref before the final decision was given to allow the goal, but to believe that any professional player out there would do that? No, that would not happen. That's too much to ask."

      There you have it. TH did what other pro's would do to win the game. It ain't right. It ain't fair. It happens though. Just as it does in many other sports.

    • Big money...lots at stake..someone's going to do something to get a leg up on the competition...a dive...an ankle tap...handball. I for one am not going to be so naive as to think that no one on the park is going to try something at some point int time (even if what Henry did would have gotten a whistle in BASKETBALL (ever heard of the violation called "travelling"...its basically holding the ball and taking steps with it without bouncing it on the ground). So, even in a game where all you do is use your hands what Henry did was a violation; a calculated risk...if the ref's view (and his asisstants) did not allow them to see that...then the risk paid off...cheating or not (Who was that Man U goalie that picked the ball out of his goal against us...Roy Carroll wasn't it...Man U @ Old Trafford...picked it out the net and carried on like nothing happened, even though the ball had clearly crossed the line...calculated risk that also worked. Someone will try something at sometime Luckily the refs catch most of the skullduggery that goes on; but its games like this when they don't that the player who pulled it off (Rooney's dive...the Croat-Brazilian gooner's dive) get villified as cheats (which they are)...but they are not alone; just that their stage is bigger.

      So yes...Henry is a cheating scum bitch...but like Damien Duff said...him or Robbie would have tried it down the other end given the same situation (got a lot of respect for the level-headed...and DD seems to be one of those). Of Course Robbie countered by saying its the last thing he would have expected from Thieving Henry (the name being my words).


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      • Surely it comes down to the integrity of the human being?
        Maybe I'm strange, but if I play a game, whether it's one on one or a team game (sport, board, card - doesn't matter), then I don't (intentionally) cheat as my thought process works along the lines of '...if I cheat, then I have admitted defeat. As If I can't win without cheating, then I'm not as good as the opponent...'.

        So maybe it's this lifestyle thing again - maybe kids aren't brought up with self respect and integrity (I'm no saint, but we were taught honesty and truth - mainly by our parents).

        As an example - my son played football for a club from the age of 6. When he was about 14, they had a pre-season friendly against the U-13 team (ie the year below) who were an excellent passing team (although considerably smaller in stature). At the end of the first half, when my son's team were losing, the coach (instead of exhorting them to get their act together and start playing decent football) simply encouraged them to mix it up a bit and put themselves about - intimidate their smaller opponents. So the cheating was encouraged from the level above.

        The analogy there is that if FIFA effectively cheat by changing the rules in the competition to ensure that their 'prize' teams get through, surely they then can't slam France for having a cheat in the team and so can't order a replay (as the game may not have been played anyway had they not seeded certain teams) - as the result is exactly what FIFA wanted anyway.

        It seems that the results justify the means nowadays.

      • I can understand both of your viewpoints on the fact that by virtue of the fact that both of you seem dissapointed that a great player like TH14 would resort to cheating to get the upper hand (apologise for the poor choice in words)

        I would add that Ireland played out of their skins to win. It's a shame they didn't do the same at home, or they might not have found themselves in the position they did.

        The powers that be have done all they can to keep the 'big' teams in the WC. I would guess that more gamesmanship will be employed in the build up, and competition to see the final THEY want.