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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 20, 2009 21:37 Flag

    Wigan - predictions

    3-1 to us (which goes against my spursbabe prediction slightly....;-)).
    Daffy, Huddlestone (who will now go on to be our leading scorer) and Keane.
    Pav doesn't even appear on the bench (due to his recent outburst).

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    • This is too easy to say I know....but if only we had beaten Stoke the other week!! We would be in second place above Manure! I hope we don't regret that daft result at the end of the season!

    • Sfer,
      It could never be that bad - you've got tooooooo much of a brain....

    • Thank you very much John and Old Fan. Your comments are very much appreciated.

      The PJ's are packed and now I just have that dried up feeling in the back of my throat as I really do not like the thought of hospital first thing in the morning. Still, always a bright side - it could be worse - I could be a whinging, hypocritical, French Ar$e supporter!!


    • Good vibes and prayers for you Sfer!

    • Sfer,
      I think I said to Spursbabe in her 'Children in need prediction' post that we'd win by 11 or some such nonsense - and then we go and hit 9 and as you say, could have had 12 or 13 if the other chances had been bagged.

      The fact that we created that many chances is good news. And on top of that, from what I saw in the highlights, we didn't play the 'Crouchie' ball all the time, favouring instead to go though Krancjar/Lennon (and indeed the whole midfield). Far better. Although I think that points out that playing Keane in the Krancjar role just doesn't work as well - that's a pity as I still think Keane gives so much to the team.

      And as much as I dislike him, Daffy was red hot. Gives 'arry a problem for the Villa game. If I was him, I think I would initially stick with the same line up. It looked effective - and Daws back playing a full game was a good thing to see.

      All in all good stuff.

      Don't forget to take your Spurs jamas on Wed - so even when you're sleeping they can tell you're a proud Spurs supporter. Good luck and keep well.

    • gonna be a toughy me thinks , but we might squeeze a 1-0 win ..


    • This is not a 3-1 game, more like a boring draw in my humble view. Wigan are a decent side and will be up for the fight. The yids will have to be at the very best to win this match. Wigan have their fair share of good players in Hugo Rodallega, Charlie N'Zogbia, Melchiot, Figueroa, etc, who can impact a game and are an handful for any side on their day. I think both teams cancel each other out in terms of personnel in most areas of the pitch, the only area where the yids have an advantage over them is your striking options where Wigan are a bit limited. I just can't see past a 2-2 or a 1-1 scoreline if I'm honest.

    • As usual John in depends on which Spurs side turns up on the day. If its the one that thinks it should automatically beat sides like Wigan then we are in for a hard time and I can see a 1-0 loss.

      If its the one that is motivated and balanced I would hope for a 3-0 win.

      Typical Spurs and thats the real shame for me. I was (and still am for the time being) a big HR fan but that has been on the basis that he has always been able to get the best out of whichever players he has in his squad and therefore play beyond what would be regarded as expected. The way we have played in a few games lately either he has lost his touch or some of the Spurs "superstars" are to much for him to handle.

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      • Sfer,
        But we can't keep playing so badly and winning can we? So, I think that this is the turning point and instead of playing badly and losing, we'll finally live up to our potential and start playing well.

        How are the hospital trips going? All well I hope - a good 3-0 win will see you smiling - and that's a good medicine in itself.