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    This could be a thumping!

    The boys are looking hungry and dangerous ... great cross from Lennon - great head from Crouch - and they are looking balanced!!!! This could be a serious thumping for Wigan if the lads keep this up!!!! COYS

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    • Nice prediction; well done mate.

      Capello has got to be picking Defoe and Rooney on top now with Crouch, Bent, or Owen to come off the bench. What a case Defoe is making for England. I wonder what happens on the right when Walcott is fit again. Lennon or Walcott?

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      • If "Azza" keeps playing the way he played on Sunday - it's a no brainer. That was one of, if not the best wide player display I've seen (since the days of Terry Dyson and Cliff Jones - for those that remember them!).
        There is not a wide player playing today that has put in a performance like the one Lennon put in - plus, the fact that he continually found Daffy speaks a lot to the sense of playing them together!
        Done deal - Walcott is not in that league.

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    • like old fan said ,i think alot of our unease comes from a ever back changing centre backs. if u look at BEA he is playing brilliant going forward and tracking back. he still has a bit to learn, but i think he is turning into a top class LB. corluka i still thinkis a talent, he pass to defoe was class and he showed pace yesterday i havent seen in a while but i think the best will come when we have a center back pair that play everygame. king, woody , daws and bassong. now i cant pick which two but when they paly everygame our defence will steady , look confident and this will improve players like corluka and BEA.

      personally i think the lads did well at the back, rodellga and nzog r 2 tricky players to keep quiet and i think we did well. especially daws i think he should be one of our regular cb's .

    • To kinda take a page out of your book tho' SB - when Wigan did put a little decent football together in the last 20 minutes of the first half, we looked a little shaky at times at the back - and that does give cause for concern against a team that is playing to form - i.e. an Aston Villa or Manure at their park - although that could have been 'cos we had a new back line and the communication needs a little improvement - not just across the back but between the back and the midfield. That being said, I think they (AV & MU) might both be ripe for the taking

    • amazing result. im still in a state of happy shock.
      iv just formed 1 of those spurs memories i will never forget.
      we played some great stuff.
      i dont care how bad wigan were, to score 9 against an estibilished premiership side is something very special.
      it only happens about once every 10yrs.

      defoe & lennon were superb. those 2 have got to start for england. just shows how much we missed lennon over the last month.

      old fan, i know u think my glass is always half empty but to be fair im always fair when iv been negative & usually justified.
      im only negative about
      being exposed against the big boys
      & needing a top CM & RB

      thats only 3 areas where i think we can improve on.
      just 3 problems isnt a lot.
      im more than happy with 9 of our starting 11.

      villa & utd away. 2 very tough games.
      but if we play today we should be ok!

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    • Well, you're definitely in for the understatement of the year, Old Fan.

    • Evening folks. I'm a very happy KM tonight - just back from WHL. What a fab game. Defoe was on fire and could have scored more than 5 if the vision and passing had been a little better (TBH it was more than a bit dodgy at times!).

      Amazing atmosphere in the stadium - we were all singing "We want 10" at the end!!!

      It's done wonders for our goal difference and morale. Mind you, Wigan were woeful and had they been more with it the scoreline wouldn't have been anywhere near as good as it was. Didn't see the handball when they got their goal - but I was fortunate enough to be at the Park Lane end where all our 2nd half goals went in :-))) We were above the Wigan supporters but I hardly heard a peep out of them, even when they scored.

      Can't say I like the Wigan away strip - dayglo orange a la Petr Cech.

      Onwards and upwards - but we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground for our next game away at Villa.

      What a great (if early) birthday present - I hit the big 50 this coming Saturday (and before you comment, Yahoo! have it wrong in my profile!).

    • I think the next two games will say a lot about our season - Aston Villa and Manure - both away. But we've gotta be going in to those games with a lot of confidence!

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