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  • apparently Juve are after him......would upset me to see him leave, as long as we get a decent return for him, whats happened to the young speed merchant from Sheff Utd? why hasn't he had a game ....

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    • Kentish, NBR, Benidorm - all good points regarding Naughon. He is a really young player so time is on his side. I'd like him to start all of the cup games against lower teams though, just so he gets a run out and gets some playing time.

      I was shocked to learn that Corluka is only 23 (unless that was a misprint in the article)! I'd assumed he was in his late 20's or early 30's.

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      • u all know where i stand on corluka. hes just not got enough quality for us.
        he makes lots of mistakes
        gets caught out of position
        struggles against pace
        struggles against skill
        doesnt offer enough going foward.

        im fair so il admit he played a good ball through to defoe.
        but if u watched the 1st half he was mentioned a few times for mistakes.
        a poor clearance that nearly let wigan in & where he tryed to take it round the wigan player but got tackled & luckily palacious bailed him out. against better teams these mistakes regularly lead to goals.

        the sooner he goes the better. hutton & naughton cant do any worse.

    • Opinions about Corluka vary wildly on here, so no doubt there are going to be mixed views. Personally I rate him but regardless, what I was pleasntly surprised with is his agent coming out and saying he has five years left on his contract and that will be honoured.

      Very rare we hear talk like that from an agent - normally the biggest money grabbers and sh*t stirrers in the game.

      But with regards to Naughton - I'd like to see more of him too. I don't think Corluka, though I rate him, is the be all and end all of right backs by any stretch, so I would like to see Naughton pushed through a bit. Maybe have him play the cup games and possibly against some of the lower teams when we are at home. He looks great going forward but I haven't seen a great deal of him defensively.

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      • I've always rated Corluka, especially when he was at Citeh, and last season he did really well while Hutton was injured but was then moved to CB and it's affected his game I think. This season he's slowed up considerably but he can still mix it with Lennon down the right flank - and he put in a peach of a pass for one of Defoe's goals on Sunday (forget which one - there were so many!). I'd prefer him to stay and give us options at RB along with Hutton and Naughton. Hasn't been much talk lately of Hutton going - I think it'd be a shame, as he can put on the pace and send balls in to the box from the right flank too.

        Agree about seeing Naughton brought in to the team more - he's impressed me when I've seen him on the pitch. I thought 'Arry might have played him more by now but maybe he's saving him for the FA Cup instead.