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    Players leaving in January

    the new transfer window will soon be with us and Spurs fans will have there own lists of who should come and go, juat wondered what your thoughts are, for the thread i will just say who i think will be leaving, some of the players who i think will be on there way are Pav, and im sure Robbie will be on his way, ive always admired his work ethic and like him but i cannot see any room for him which is ashame, midfield i think Jenas and Bentley will be off and possibly Ohara, whether its Portsmouth im not so sure.
    Defenders i think we will ship out Hutton, what do you guys think, no doubt we will soon be discussing players coming in, lets have your thoughts.

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    • What about mexican star Dos Santos?

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      • I really don't understand the position of the club on this player he is very talented but gets no opportunities.

        Now if they don't want want him why don't they loan him to a team that will play him (not Ipswich Town, a team that actually plays in the premier league). If Tottenham doesn't need him at least rise his value and sell him.

      • I hope we keep him (Dos Santos), and I hope he gets some playing time - I think he could make a huge impact on games!
        I wouldn't mind seeing Jenas go - too erratic whether he shows up or not, and I would not have a problem with Keane leaving - yes he runs around a lot, but he really hasn't done much since coming back from 'pool - the scousers/Rafa ruined him somehow. Wouldn't surprise me to see Bentley leave, and I suspect that Hutton might want away as well - tho' I hope we keep both of them. I think O'Hara might go to Portsmouth permanently and as much as I like him, love his passion, and always giving 100%, after watching him the other week with Portsmouth, he just doesn't quite have it as far as playing at the top of the top.

    • Don't agree on your Keane assessment. We need Keano and I honestly believe HR will squad rotate our strikers and rest either Crouch or Defoe in games that do not carry any particular significance ie.. Games against teams like Wolves, West Ham, Hull City or Pompey.

      I think you are right about Pav, he will not want to stay after he has slid down the strikers pecking order.

      As for the other players mentioned, I can't see anyone else leaving ( I even think HR will bring back J O'H from his loan spell at Pompey )

      Maybe the only other players ( other then Pav ) who will be looking for the exit door is Garath Bale or maybe Alan Hutton.

      As far as bringing players into the club .. I guess we will just have to 'watch this space'