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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 26, 2009 03:49 Flag

    Players leaving in January

    Personally GY i hope im wrong about Robbie ive always admired him, always gives is all and i like him, he just does not seem to be the same as he was before he left for Liverpool, its only a personal view i just wondered what our fellow yiddos thought, as usual its not very often my views are correct anyway.

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    • I'd like to see Jenas and Bentley go - Bentley in particular hasn't been able to reproduce his form since the move from Blackburn and deserves a chance elsewhere. It worked for Bent. Jenas is to erratic in his performances on the pitch to be of any real use to us anymore.

      I'd prefer to see O'Hara back from loan in January but he'd be competing with Kranjcar for the LM place, whereas he's playing first team footie at Pompey so may not be satisfied with being on the bench again.

      Jury's out on Keane - I still think he has a lot to offer but maybe has to realise that he's not going to be first choice every game, especially with Defoe and Crouch recreating their playing partnership from last season. Keane wasn't used on Sunday so I guess if he were to go we'd manage, but we can't let last season's situation repeat itself - if 2 strikers go (assuming Pav is off) we must make sure we have a 3rd/4th in place, maybe one of the younger lads, Bostock, could be brought back from loan?

      I'd like to see Hutton stay as cover for Corluka if Naughton isn't going to be used more regularly, but it must be strange for him to be 1st choice RB for Scotland yet not at Spurs. Wouldn't blame him for wanting away - shame he was injured so early last season and not able to cement his place in the team.

    • I agree Sash, Keane is not the player he was a couple of years ago. All players suffer a dip in form, but Keane hasn't done much since going to the pool. Sure he grafts a lot but doesn't look the tricky player he was. He loses the ball too much and also missing chances. I am not saying "get rid" but he must start to improve soon otherwise his continued automatic selection as captain will start to unsettle others as well as Pav.

      Think O'hara might go, a real tryer but I don't think he quite cuts the mustard. Also Hutton looks spare, but I would give Bale a bit longer and also give Johnny two saints a run, maybe a few decent sub appearances to show what he can do.

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      • keane still decent but doesnt get round ppl as much or take his chances as well. but id still keep him.

        pav 10m has to go & we need a new striker to replace him so hopefully a young up & coming striker who we can groom.

        i hope we keep bale & send him on loan
        id sell jenas 6m,bentley 8m,hutton 6m & o hara 5m.

        i hope harry starts to new fringe/youngsters more especially in cup games. for example when we were 4-1up with 30mins to go he could have brought on hutton 4 corluka, bentley 4 lennon & bale for kranjcear.

        id love a good RB & CM in jan.

        i want bale & gio more playing time.