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  • Hi Sfer, did you see this? If you want to keep private just tell me to P!$$ oft. No problems!!

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    • Hiya LTS and thanks for the message. Actually as far as I know it's not the big C but still tests to be done. Had a collapse and they found something they don't like on the scan of the brain. Then to make matters worse, the Lumbar Puncture they did left a hole in the Epidural Sack which I have had to go back in for twice to try and have put right.

      Back in next week ( I think) for another MRI so might know more then. In the meantime I just have to put up with constant headaches - bit like putting up with gooneresque!!

      Glad you came out all ok LTS. It's great to hear good news like that. Oh and don't get me started on BT..........

      Thanks again mate.

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      • OK buddy, hope all goes well next week. Not sure I'm keen on your hospital though. Seems a long way off to me!! To see what's wrong with your brain by looking in your spine, He He!!
        I have an oncology appointment on Thursday to check on my MRI from last month, so we both have fun and games to come. Ups and downs, but just keep going and hope for the best, so similar to watching the Spurs eh!
        Supposed to have my knee replaced sometime. The hospital want to give me a lumbar injection instead of knocking me out completely. Not sure I was overly keen on the idea before you said about your problems, even less so now. I'll just keep taking the painkillers and limp a bit.
        Footballs a great game when your young but boy do you pay for it when you get older!!!
        Take care and all the best