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  • Hi buddy, having just moved, I have been waiting to get my broadband back on. Dear old BT, not bad, moved on the 16th and just got it back today.
    Anyway what I wanted to ask is what your problem is (hospital)? Don't know if you have posted at any time but I haven't seen anything.
    Tell me to mind my own business if you want, just curious if your having similar probs to me in 2006. Had big C, chemo etc., still here and fighting. If you have same problem and want a chat let me know, be pleased to give you some support if it would help!!!

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    • Hi Sfer, did you see this? If you want to keep private just tell me to P!$$ oft. No problems!!

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      • Hiya LTS and thanks for the message. Actually as far as I know it's not the big C but still tests to be done. Had a collapse and they found something they don't like on the scan of the brain. Then to make matters worse, the Lumbar Puncture they did left a hole in the Epidural Sack which I have had to go back in for twice to try and have put right.

        Back in next week ( I think) for another MRI so might know more then. In the meantime I just have to put up with constant headaches - bit like putting up with gooneresque!!

        Glad you came out all ok LTS. It's great to hear good news like that. Oh and don't get me started on BT..........

        Thanks again mate.

    • Hiya mate, thanks for remembering. I had the appt with teh specialist yesterday and the MRI came back clear so (other than the cyst I already knew about), as all pro footballers say "I am over the moon"

      Still got to find out why I get the headaches and I am some potent stuff now for a month but rather that than what could have been!

      Glad you are ok mate and yes it is always surprising what the body can take. Take care and how much better would we feel if we get a result tonight????

    • Hey LTS and Sfer! Bet you're feeling over the moon after tonight's result!!

      Glad you're both "on the mend" so to speak - the board wouldn't be the same without either of you!

    • Cheers KM. Thanks for the thought.
      I wouldn't watch it last night. I recorded it and just finished watching it now. It does give me a lift to see Spurs win and every time I watch live they seem to throw games away which really disappoints me. Great result, thought the whole team turned up as they did against Liverpool early in the season. That's the best they have played since.
      Let's hope for lots more live games for me to record!!!

    • Hy sfer glad your results were good. Hope they find out what's causing the headaches. We have enough headaches with the team to start with. Never know which team is going to turn up. Great when the proper team arrive, like last night!!

    • You are so right there LTS. If the team "turned up" every game we would be even higher than we are for sure. Still think Hudd is not right for us though!

      And thanks KM for the thoughts. Much appreciated.

    • hey Lts and sfer
      not been on here alot recently and saw this thread. my dad is going into hospital to remove a tumor soon , so i have a little knowledge of what ur going through.

      so with that in mind i wanted to wish u both the best and hope u both mend soon.

      all the best

    • Thanks beni - much appreciated. Coming out your way over Xmas. Have a place in a town called Pinoso. Whats the weather like?

    • in benidorm its bloody freezing. ive just got back from my honeymoon in the maldives where it was scorchio and now my ears wanna fall off. lol. suns shining at the mo but bring some warm clothes.

    • Will do. Surely that tea cosy hat of yours keeps your ears warm doesn't it Beni!

      Maldives!! Lucky Glorious Basterd!!

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