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  • Truly great performance second half, Michael Dawson was superb today, he surely can take the place of Ledley, keep Ledley on the bench should we need him he will always play for 30 minutes if he is needed, also Niko Krancjar was superb, sure we started a bit slow but Gomez never had a shot to deal with, before the game i know we would have been happy for a point at Villa but to be honest im pig sick we should have had the three points and what a result that would have been. If you look at the stats and see how many passes we put togrther it was astonishing, first half i think Villa had 6 corners to our 1 but at the end of the game are corner tally was much more than Villas and shots on goal we murdered them.
    The last 3 results must make us feel good for Tuesday, im at Old Trafford then and i can see us beating them, all in all a great 3 weeks for the Spurs its what we have been saying as poor as we was at Home to Sunderland this has kick started our season all we want know is Chelsea to win tomorrow and Everton to beat Liverpool.