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  • Lee Lee Dec 1, 2009 19:47 Flag

    Play some of the reserves tonight?

    Would more than agree with that, as I think we need to keep our main focus on the league.

    I'd like to see Nauhghton and Bale as full backs, same centre back as last game, Jenas (who I don't rate) and Hudd in the centre with Bentley and Dos Santos out wide, then Keane and Pav up front.

    I know its the quaters and we are so close to the final (again) but I think we have to prioritise the league and do as much as we can to ensure our key players are fit for that.

    I'd rathe see us push the big four all the way and finish 4th or even 5th (which is a lot of improvement) then win this cup. Thats my view anyway.

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    • Love the position we are in, its great to think we can play the fringe players but tonight i would love to beat them especially as it keeps the momentum going, we have started to play well and has much i agree with you about the champions league i would like to play tonight to win this one, i think if we got to the final of this and things were still looking as good then as they are now then i would give the likes of Naughton, Dos Santos and the young fringe players a place in the final, it would also tell the rest of the EPL that we have arrived, i will be at Old Trafford tonight and i cannot tell you how i hope we beat these, there fans do nothing but bleat, when they get knocked out all they say well that was our reserve team.
      Come on Spurs please strut your stuff tonight, from a very positive fan.

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      • i went to the match 2. i was really disapointed with out team selection, tactics & performance.

        he played half our starting 11 & half our fringer players, which is the worst possible thing to do.
        we are away to man utd, we havent beaten them for yrs.
        if we were to beat them then we need to play our strongest 11.
        if we dont care about winning then play 11 fringe/youngsters.
        dont make half your starting 11 have to play when theres no chance of winning.

        sorry harry, but u got it very wrong tonight.

    • This is an interesting one Gregory. If I remember rightly there were a lot of very strong views on this subject last year when Arry first came on board. At that time we were obviously in a very nasty position as far as the league position was concerned and when a cup game came up there was a lot of debate as to whether or not Arry should go for it with the first teamers or play some of the reserves and keep the better players fit to try and help us out of the bottom 3.

      I imagine this post will get the same opinions posted although of course the position is now completely different. Instead of fighting for our PL survival we are flying high. Interestingly the question still is worth asking. Last year I was very firmly of the opinion that we should play the reserves in the cup game and keep out first teamers fit for the league. That was on the basis that PL survival was absolutely way above a piece of silverware in terms of worth to the club.

      Now I am in two minds. Manure are playing thier kids and if we lose to them with our first team what will it do to our confidence? and if we win then everybody will say "so we should have done" so we cant win either way really.

      On balance ( and this is mostly cos I don't rate this cup anyway apart from the Ar$e baiting power it provides) I would say give the fringe players a run out. You never know when we might need them to step up to the plate later this year and this experience may be useful then.

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      • Welcome back Sfer,

        I think we should always go to win every game..simple as that. If 'arry believes he can do that by playing Johnny Two Saints (I wish I had a name like that) and Bale and Keane - oops isn't that a first team anyway?

        The discussion last year was more on the 'impression' that 'arry gave that he didn't want to progress in the UEFA. This time, from what I've heard, he does want to go on in the CC . Although he values a CL spot more (obviously).
        I think he'll put Keane/Pav up front - maybe Bale as left mid (or left back) with Two Saints then left mid. Jenas/Palacios/Bentley. The back line then being Naughton/Daws/Bassong/Bale.

        To me that team has enough quality to win against most anyway - and as I keep saying (ad nauseam) - the squad has to be good enough anyway.

        Here's to the next round...!

      • Sfer ..exactly my point, how are the fringe players to gain the experience of a big intimidating ground in a cup quarter final, its perfect timing for them I feel whatever the result, resting the big boys is ideal as we have already had several key players injured this season that hindered our progress (only that the teams around us failed to win, we are still in a decent position) but lady luck has smiled on us that way for a change ...COYS ..blimey i remember going up to Old trafford years ago, when Aleksic got injured and hoddle went in goal, and we still won thanks to an Ardiles curler into the top corner (great memories) ...