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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 1, 2009 20:18 Flag

    Play some of the reserves tonight?

    Love the position we are in, its great to think we can play the fringe players but tonight i would love to beat them especially as it keeps the momentum going, we have started to play well and has much i agree with you about the champions league i would like to play tonight to win this one, i think if we got to the final of this and things were still looking as good then as they are now then i would give the likes of Naughton, Dos Santos and the young fringe players a place in the final, it would also tell the rest of the EPL that we have arrived, i will be at Old Trafford tonight and i cannot tell you how i hope we beat these, there fans do nothing but bleat, when they get knocked out all they say well that was our reserve team.
    Come on Spurs please strut your stuff tonight, from a very positive fan.

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    • i went to the match 2. i was really disapointed with out team selection, tactics & performance.

      he played half our starting 11 & half our fringer players, which is the worst possible thing to do.
      we are away to man utd, we havent beaten them for yrs.
      if we were to beat them then we need to play our strongest 11.
      if we dont care about winning then play 11 fringe/youngsters.
      dont make half your starting 11 have to play when theres no chance of winning.

      sorry harry, but u got it very wrong tonight.