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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 2, 2009 17:03 Flag

    What Harry found out from tonights game

    Morning John, morning everyone. I agree with what you're saying John. I think we ran rings round them in the first half even though we went in 2-0 down. However, some of the performances were shocking. Jenas, never have rated him, absolutely hopeless, his passes didn't have the correct weight and put the receiver under pressure. Hutton - if thats the best RB cover we've got heaven help us if Corluka gets injured. Keane, again all I saw him do was hold his hands out expecting to get the final pass when he's in a shocking position. Instead of worrying whether he's going to leave in January we should be holding the door open for him.

    The thing that worries me the most is that 'Arry has publicly spoken about Jenas saying his attitude has been fantastic - no good if you can't put a pass together and Keane defending him because the fans are realising he's come back a different player. So what are the chances that we're going to see the back of them? To be top 4 you need to have strength of quality in depth and I don't think we have.