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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 2, 2009 22:34 Flag

    What Harry found out from tonights game

    This was probably the last chance some of those mentioned had in proving their credentials to HR last night. With the January sales looming, the likes of Hutton, Bale, Bentley and Keane had one more shot at showing what they could do. I'll add Jenas to that lot and tell you exactly what they can all do.....FO!
    Ive always been a Keane fan but perhaps his time has finally come and with the scouse debacle still fresh its possibly to much to expect any more from him. Time for a hungrier striker who wants to prove himself.
    As for the rest...well they had their chance and were found wanting.
    Shame we are out but a good performance and result against EFC should see us all right with the world again.