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  • Jlock Jlock Dec 2, 2009 22:53 Flag

    What Harry found out from tonights game

    I must watch different games.

    All the hype has been that Utd played their kids and that we were rubbish - implying their kids were great. Not from my perspective.

    I only saw three untried players in their line up - Wellbeck, Obertan and Gibson. I haven't included the subs that they brought on when they were two up and we had given up after 60/70 mins (or Anderson who has probably played more games for Utd than Bale has for us).

    For 60-70 minutes we outplayed them - and that according to this list is with half our team playing c**p.

    My memories would be of the game that we were vastly unlucky not to go in at half time two or three up, let alone two down. And as for the players - Bale - looked ok to me - I didn't see much of Obertan and Bale going forward, put in two or three good balls into the box.

    OK - so Jenas and (IMHO) Bassong were poor and Bentley's dead ball taking was pretty awful (but in the first half Bentley and Hutton had the right under control). AND I do agree it was played at a training session pace. BUT the overriding memory will be that I didn't see any belief in the team that they could win it, once we went two goals down.