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  • Jlock Jlock Dec 3, 2009 00:16 Flag

    What Harry found out from tonights game

    I know you were there, and the game looks different 'live', but my point was that Utd didn't look comfortable. The only time they looked ok was from the mid 60'th minute on - and by then we'd given up.

    I don't think it's only me, as El Tel was also quite amazed that we were losing at half time. It just seems that this morning all the hype is how well Utd (and their 'kids') played - no..that isn't true - it makes good headlines, but that isn't the game I saw. We just couldn't get a goal.

    What did Obertan do? Berbatov? Welbeck? A couple of shots from 20yds and they get two goals from midfield. That doesn't mean they played well at all.

    From yahoo:
    31st Minute: United apply a rare bit of pressure
    60th Minute: United have a rare forray into the Tottenham half

    I know that's selective, but that's what I saw as well.

    Anyway, the game is gone and we're out of the CC.

    I just hope 'arry can get that belief into the team. To me that's the key. Once the team believes they can beat Utd or Chelsea or ... then I think a top 4 slot will follow. Until then, it's just a dream.