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    What Harry found out from tonights game

    Hutton is useless
    Jenas not up to it
    Bale-Southampton did well getting rid of him

    at least we know if we are to do anything to challenge the top 4 at any stage, we cannot afford to have players like this playing for our first team ..FACT ....

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    • Totally agree with u. lets hope Jenas fucks off in January. He doesnt even fucking try useless piece of shit.

    • I only watched on TV - but can I just say in their (pseudo) defence...if we were that 'poor' then what did it make Utd? From what I saw (and maybe I was watching the wrong game...!), we totally outplayed Utd for the first half and for the first 15-20 minutes of the second. We just didn't score and they did.

      The last 20 minutes seemed poor - it just seemed that by then they had given up on the idea that they could score.

    • Morning John, morning everyone. I agree with what you're saying John. I think we ran rings round them in the first half even though we went in 2-0 down. However, some of the performances were shocking. Jenas, never have rated him, absolutely hopeless, his passes didn't have the correct weight and put the receiver under pressure. Hutton - if thats the best RB cover we've got heaven help us if Corluka gets injured. Keane, again all I saw him do was hold his hands out expecting to get the final pass when he's in a shocking position. Instead of worrying whether he's going to leave in January we should be holding the door open for him.

      The thing that worries me the most is that 'Arry has publicly spoken about Jenas saying his attitude has been fantastic - no good if you can't put a pass together and Keane defending him because the fans are realising he's come back a different player. So what are the chances that we're going to see the back of them? To be top 4 you need to have strength of quality in depth and I don't think we have.

    • Sorry, I missed out Bentley - shocking.

    • Morning all, just read through the postings this morning and have come to the conclusion that football managers obviously see things differently to fans! Harry had to decide where he wants this team of OURS heading. He talked well about another CC Wembley final and the CL but didn't seem to know which to go for, HE bloody well does now!!!!
      Every post on last night has a similar thread re... the team selection... the players.. and their abilities.
      Why does Jenas get picked????? Spurs and especially for England. Us fans can't see why!!!!
      Why give Bentley a game if it means moving Lennon on to the other wing?? In fact why give Bentley a game????????????
      Why play Hutton and leave Naughton out???
      Why play Bale?
      If you are going to play youngsters or fringe players, why not go the whole way and play them all?
      Alright Dawson and Bassong had to play but they are fringe players when Ledley and Woodgate are fit.
      I know we have a lot of young players out on loan but why not play the rest and let's see if they can step up to the mark.
      How much money do managers get ( was going to say earn) ??
      Enough said me thinks, except maybe IMHO Palacious wins plenty of tackles but he also gives the ball away a lot, as did many of last night's players.

    • Agreed Big G

      Jenus - Every pass either behind or too slow causing receiver to slow his pace.

      Hutton, faster than Corluka but hasn't got a clue about positioning. Too many times drawn inwards ball - watching, allowing wide players in.

      Keane.. should never have got him back, runs arouind like a headless chicken, constantly loses ball.

      Bentley, had long enough- get rid. Even dead ball crosses lacked quality.

      Bale, not too bad going forward but still not as good as BAE at defending.

      Bassong was out of sorts last night, but generally I like him although not top drawer.

    • This was probably the last chance some of those mentioned had in proving their credentials to HR last night. With the January sales looming, the likes of Hutton, Bale, Bentley and Keane had one more shot at showing what they could do. I'll add Jenas to that lot and tell you exactly what they can all do.....FO!
      Ive always been a Keane fan but perhaps his time has finally come and with the scouse debacle still fresh its possibly to much to expect any more from him. Time for a hungrier striker who wants to prove himself.
      As for the rest...well they had their chance and were found wanting.
      Shame we are out but a good performance and result against EFC should see us all right with the world again.

    • I must watch different games.

      All the hype has been that Utd played their kids and that we were rubbish - implying their kids were great. Not from my perspective.

      I only saw three untried players in their line up - Wellbeck, Obertan and Gibson. I haven't included the subs that they brought on when they were two up and we had given up after 60/70 mins (or Anderson who has probably played more games for Utd than Bale has for us).

      For 60-70 minutes we outplayed them - and that according to this list is with half our team playing c**p.

      My memories would be of the game that we were vastly unlucky not to go in at half time two or three up, let alone two down. And as for the players - Bale - looked ok to me - I didn't see much of Obertan and Bale going forward, put in two or three good balls into the box.

      OK - so Jenas and (IMHO) Bassong were poor and Bentley's dead ball taking was pretty awful (but in the first half Bentley and Hutton had the right under control). AND I do agree it was played at a training session pace. BUT the overriding memory will be that I didn't see any belief in the team that they could win it, once we went two goals down.

    • ...and De Laet

    • u say how bad does that mak utd but really how bad does it make us. we lost to man utds fringe team who didnt even have to play well to comftably beat us.

      its was poor all round.

      i honestly think harry will keep keane & jenas. i like harry but i still think he regularly makes mistakes.

      keane on left wing, keane & defoe upfront together, playing jenas etc.

      i dont like putting ll your eggs in to 1 basket because its a big gamble. so id rather go for the carlin/fa cup & the 4th spot rather then dismiss our only chances of silverware & say its 4th spot or nothing.

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