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    What Harry found out from tonights game

    Hutton is useless
    Jenas not up to it
    Bale-Southampton did well getting rid of him

    at least we know if we are to do anything to challenge the top 4 at any stage, we cannot afford to have players like this playing for our first team ..FACT ....

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    • Add the fact that he's from a strong family and just had a baby, I think/hope he'll be around for a couple more seasons. He's not at his peak yet, he's only 23 and not fully mature. I also think he likes the way AVB plays him.

    • He's signed until 2016, I don't think we need to worry about it for a bit.

      Been following today's football on the BBC site, they started the day with a poll on who'd be champions/top 4/relegated - we were consistently in the top 4 predictions, but a fair few of them were citing us as second/biggest worry to man u/contenders for next year, and I'm fairly confident most of them weren't spurs fans.

      I have my own thoughts on where we could finish, don't want to ut them into words yet in case of jinxing us, but it's nice to see that other teams see us as a threat. If they're even half right I don't see Bale going abroad for a while, the possibilities with us will be too tasty.

    • I know alan. but I come to expect any world class player at spurs to leave. I don't blame them. they can double their money & actually compete for titles.
      bale should be at a much better club than ours.

      but I'm just enjoying every minute of him being here.
      when he does go, we will get a huge amount for him.
      this can then go towards a new stadium or on 3 very good players.

      so its a win win. id rather keep him of course. but he deserves to be a club like Madrid or barca.
      id like to see him go & play in la liga.
      we need more british players abroad.

      id also like to see Wilshire go to either barca or Madrid too.

    • You've got a problem on your hands, Babe, at Spurs. Whatever varying opinions say, the guy for me is world class and there's no doubt about it. He's about 24 isn't he, his confidence level is now sky high. He knows he can go past people with brilliant close ball control and strength. I wouldn't wager on him being with you for much longer---and that's no disrespect.

    • I get a lot wrong. but im very proud of saying all along from the very beginning that bale should not be played at LB & that he should be moved to LW where he would excel!

    • Can't admit when you are on shaky ground. Says it all.

    • if u actually read my posts i said i rate bale as a left winger, not a LB.
      also the only diff between bales mistake & corlukas is that corluka would have just fouled him & hope we dont concede from the free kick.

      if corluka so great im sure a top 4 team might want to buy him off us. hang on a minute, no one would touch him with a barge pole. even man city knew he wasnt up to it.

    • Bale is still young and learning his trade although he has taken a step back......i think it would do him good and for spurs to send him out on loan to get regular football.

    • Harry said there was a lack of atmosphere, lets face it OT is quite quiet at times. im guessing that not many yids made the trip? Im not sure, but anyhow it could of contributed towards the teams lack of inspiration and appearance of a practice match.

      Overall though I'm pleased to announce that and by public demand that Jenas is offically shit.

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      • agree with sash 100%.
        i think harrys attitude to the game seemed to rub off on our poor performance & lack of team spirit.

        i know a lot of u including el tel thought we were the better team & man u werent that good. but to me it looked like man utd were just coasting, taking it easy & knowing they would win what ever.
        man u were very sloppy & were their for the taking but we didnt take advantage.

        do u really think of we played like that against man utds starting 11 we would win?

        basically we lost to a man u fringe team who didnt play very well & coasted in 1st gear through out.

        agreed that at least a young11 would have been more hungrier then the likes of jenas & bentley picking up there 50grand a wk for strolling round the pitch.

        jenas,bentley & hutton have to go in jan.

    • Agree completely with "let's put the kids out there and lose 4-0" concept.

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