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  • longtimespur longtimespur Dec 3, 2009 22:20 Flag

    Hi all, what a great day today is!!!!!!!!

    Happy days are here again,
    The Arsenal got beat again,
    There are no gooners on here again'
    Happy days are here again.

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    • Happy days are here again
      We've leapfrogged you,in third again
      And we ALL know above you we,ll end
      Happy days are here again!



    • I tend to agree with the sentiments of SB. I think we are still naive as a team and thoroughly lethargic at the back at times. My biggest problem is that the three teams above us would not have let a 2 goal lead slip. As much as I hate them, Chelsea are the masters of getting a lead and either defending it or killing the game off with another goal. There is still that element of fragility with Spurs which I dearly hope Harry can get to grips with.

      Having said that, just look at recent results....a home defeat against Stoke which we should never have lost. A draw at Villa which we should have won and a game today which was 3 points in the bag, ours to throw away. That's 7 points we've missed out on and imagine where we would be sitting right now with those 7 points in the bag. We'd be equal on points with Manure. I really hope we do not rue those lost points in May!

    • agree. we have a lot of quality but not much heart & fight

    • galway the way u over exaggerate u would think this board is full of gunners stirring & then i agree with them.

      the fact is i agreed once with them, which was before the derby match. i agreed that they are still stronger then us & theres a bit of a gulf in class between us.

      we lost 3-0 as i predicted, so i think my opinion was correct & i was just being honest. just because i think utd,chelsea & arsenal are about 3 starting players ahead of us that dont mean im not a good fan.

      as to the losses against the big 3, do u really think we underperformed or are we maybe not as good?

      u say we were unlucky to not get 3pts against villa & everton.
      but then u have to balance the arguement by mentioning we were lucky against to beat sunderland & birmingham.
      u could even throw in hammers away.

      im glad we are top 4. but with 4 teams competeting for 4th, we need to make the most of every game. thats why i was so angry with the everton game.

      im not that disapointed with losing away to the top 3. if we beat the teams out of the top 3 we will finish 4th.

    • Ok ok fair enough Spursbabe!

      You have your opinions and I have mine. We both support the same club and both have differing opinions on how the club is being run - we should not be bickering about such trivial matters amongst ourselves.

      So I declare a truce and hopefully we can concentrate on posting more positive comments like how many we will get against Wolves (hopefully).

    • I tihnk there are too many doom & gloom merchants on here!

      Instead of concentrating on the the positives in the team, they constantly nit-pick on the negative points - does this ring a bell Spursbabe?

      Oh well, I suppose for every positive action, there always has to be a negative reaction!

    • At the end of the day a bit of discussion is a good thing and its exactly what these boards are for. We're always going to have disagreements but hell, it shows our love for the team and the game.

      I think the key thing is to always at least acknowladge the other persons view point, even though you may not agree. With every matter that has been brought up no one can be 100% right about the issues because its all so subjective and down to personal opinion.

      We all just need to remember that we all agree on one thing and thats what counts.....Jenas is crap ;)

    • u do like jumping on bandwagons.
      iv noticed quite a few negative threads in which iv not commented but u seem to stay quiet in those threads, i wonder why. why arent u telling them to stop being engative.

      also if u read my posts u would also see i have said a lot of positives.

    • Spursbabe,

      I am only telling it the way I read it.

      Yes it is true that there are others on here that are critical of the club and post equally negative comments - but it is my right which comments I choose to respond to.

      It is only my opinion but you always seem to write off our chances before a ball is kicked in anger. You constantly nit-pick on our players ( a la Corluka ) criticising them at every turn and while constructive criticism can sometimes be seen as a virtue, negative criticism can only have a detrimental effect on the other supporters on here that really do care about the club!

      You seem to agree ( or be in cahoots ) with the resident Gooners that seem to proliferate this board much to the consternation of other spurs fans on here. It really does make me wonder how you came to support the club in the first place.

      But hey!! what the heck it is only my opinion.

    • so ayone who has anything negative to say about the teams perfrmances is a gooner, grow up. fact is spursbabe is right. all our toughest games we have been nothing short of pathetic. away to arsenal the players were hiding as soon as they went down. no contest v cfc and utd at home and villa we did well but did not finish them and everton was back to the worst days ever throwing away a two goal lead and hanging on for a draw. fact is until we can learn to close a game and defend as a unit we will not get anywhere near the top four and thats a fact. i'm not wetting my knickers because we can score 9 in one game then hide like girls at the emirates.

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