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    Positives & Negatives..

    Positives - Kranjar, Defoe ( despite his penalty miss ) Lennon, Huddlestone & Corluka.

    Negatives - Crouch ( WTF was he doing on the pitch - certainly not what he should have been doing, cost us 3 points with his miss when we were 2-0 up ) & BAE ( had an absolutely awful game ).

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    • hi John
      strangely, yes I do think Crouch has helped us, we have the players now to play both pretty football & more hoof it style. He's looked pretty good last few games, with his hold-up play - not sure how long I'll feel this way, probably an easy person to blame when things go awry! Do really like his attitude, seems to enjoy playing for Spurs, tries very hard, know this isnt always enough but big point in his favour compared to some we've had

    • We don't want Ferdinand. Sell him somewhere else would you ... please?!?!?

    • So i will take it you're not bothered eh,we'll have them both then Anton will fit in just great for you's

    • Afternoon Spurs ,i was wondering would you be dissapointed to see Keane leave in January,Hutton looks like he will be away too ,you need not answer that one,but Keane for Ferdinand from my Club Sunderland ,what about it?

    • ME AGAIN.

      Just to wish my brother GARY nephews JOHN & ROSS and mate RICK along with the other 30.0000 + SPURS fans all the best for tonight who are attending the game and freezing their nuts off. GOOD LUCK!

    • JP,
      Do you really believe that Crouch has been an overall asset?
      I wasn't too put out when we got him, as I rated him better with his feet than with his head (and much underestimated). BUT, I'm round the other way to you and now think that he's had an overall detrimental effect on the way we play when he is included. We seem to just throw the long ball up to him (obviously that's a sweeping generalisation), rather than working the ball around the box as we tend to with Keane/Daff (and especially as we used to with Modric/Keane).
      I don't blame Crouch for that at all - it's probably just seen that he's the easy ball (rather than working hard and moving).


      Day off today so its nice to get an early look at whats being posted on here instead of the the usual 7to 7-30 read and just in time for the evenings football on TV.

      Good post nick.
      Love the fact that we are all talking about the 4th spot and the teams around us and that we should have beaten VILLA and EVERTON and then VILLA go and beat the MANCS at their house just goes to show that anything can happen in this game.

      Also if Man City had turned their 8 draws into wins they would be racing away at the top of the TABLE.

      However,tonight is another story and as MC play a simillar style of attacking football as us we are in for a very good game which we will be desperately trying to win in order to keep up the fight for 4th spot and i do feel that we defend sligthly better than them.

      The good thing is,is that there are 23 games to go which i'm sure will see 4th 5th 6th and 7th spot rotating up untill the final game.

      Anyway enough of my drivell and good LUCK to us ALL.

      SPURS FOR EVER COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SB, you are so defensive I reckon Harry should play you instead of your mate Corluka!
      never claimed anything - merely suggested (i.e.'the possibility') that some of your statements imply a lack of understanding, that you might enjoy watching Spurs a little more if you looked beyond the obvious. When you harp on continually about a subject that most people seem to disagree with, expect some comeback and deal with it like an adult. Personally I'm happy to admit I was wrong about Crouch - when we signed him I was furious, but have to admit he has generally helped us.
      No big deal, lets move on

    • Never claimed superiority SB - just that you are always negative - tho' of late you've been more balanced.
      And for what it's worth, my knowledge or lack thereof will never play a role in my sense of self.
      So to use your own words - read what is being written!

    • good balanced post lee.

      yeh villa look good this season & have that fight & self belief we are still missing. if we were 1-0 up at utd we would have caved in & lost.

      dont worry about the other 2 guys, if they feel better about themselves by saying they know more about football than me & that they are superior then let them get on with it.

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