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  • Old Fan Old Fan Dec 7, 2009 02:41 Flag

    Positives & Negatives..

    BAE may have had a bad game, but he wouldn't have gotten beaten the way Bale did for Everton's first goal. And if they do not score that goal, they do not get back into the game!
    So for me - Bale was the worst of the lot - yes that was a nice free kick - but that's all he did, and he made a lot of errors.
    Palacios Lennon and Kranjcar were all splendid. Thought Defoe had a good game (although the penalty was bloody awful).
    I didn't think that Daws or Bassong were that bad.
    Hudd was average, and never really controlled the game as I would have expected him to do - WTF bringing on Jenas for Kranjcar? Crouch caused a bit of trouble, but also missed a lot.
    Didn't think Corluka had a bad game as SB will always claim (I'm convinced he must have done something really bad to her and/or her family).
    I am looking forward to Modric being back in the game (anyone know where his recovery is at?) - as a midfield of Lennon, Modric, Palacios, and Kranjcar is definitely juicy!!

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    • galway, didnt u predict we would beat everton?
      u forget that we dont fight as hard or want it enough like everton.
      we have much better quality players then everton but we didnt have the fight to hold on to a 2 goal lead.
      u can just dismiss this as a good pt but that attitudes why we never finish 4th.
      im sure last season u said all the dropped pts are fine because the lads will want to make up for it.
      what fight our boys have, they will play well & beat wolves at home. but soon as we play a physical team away we cant stomach it.

      iv always said bale should be played at left mid. bale wouldnt have had to come on if ekotto was being exposed.

      old fan i wasnt picking on corluka, i just said he made his normal mistakes of giving away stupid free kicks & being caught out of position.
      not paticularly bad but not good either. & definitly not good enough for a top 4 team. but then again we arent a top 4 team which is why u must be happy with corluka type standards.

      modric is a great player but hes not going to suddently make us stronger , work harder & fight more.

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      • Did I really say that last season? I'm sure I would have remembered saying it, but I'm afraid I can't!

        All I know is we are in better position now then we were 12 months ago. And while you continue to criticise our players, I am looking at the bigger picture - there is always nother game .

        No self-respecting supporter would go into the season writing off their teams chances of picking up some silverware or for that matter a chance of breaking into the top 4, but you continually down-play our chances.

        I'm just glad that not all Spurs supporters are like you SB ( because if they were, then I would see them deserting the club in their droves everytime we lose or draw ).