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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Dec 8, 2009 04:12 Flag

    Positives & Negatives..

    Evening fellow yids.
    just read all of the above,which made some interesting reading and must agree that we didn't dominate in midfield enough.
    keep hoping that one day hudd will wake up and overnight has turned into the best midfield holding player in the e.p.l but sadly it hasn't happened yet.
    this may be the reason harry keeps switching him we jenus as he does seem to have that bit more pace and determination than hudd.
    would like to see dosantos given a couple of games in the middle, though i know he is more of an attacking minded player
    think someone like reo coeker would be good for us as he's strong in the challenge and fairly quick
    there must be a player out there who can fill this roll for us which would almost complete our squad.
    anyway still happy with 4th and hoping for better things to come. coys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!