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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Dec 8, 2009 06:36 Flag

    Positives & Negatives..

    In spite of some negatives which are highlighted, we have the BEST squad ive seen in a long time here. Yes we had the usual collapse at the end as we always do but hey it wouldnt be the same if we didnt.

    I was watching the old live commentry courtesy of sky and yahoo and i kinda knew we'd let in two goals. Hey at least we didnt let in three. Now that would of fcked me off.

    Anyway, onto more important matters.......Would anyone like a freshly made toffee apple from my newly fitted confectionary counter?

    ...with a little cheese on top?

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    • Hey EBM - I'll take the toffee apple with cheese - but hold the toffee, and extra cheese please!

      For all the criticism, how many would have jumped all over 4th place in early December when we started the season?

      Do agree with whoever made the observation about Kranjcar leaving a hole in defense and not being a lot of help in that area of the park ( I hadn;t noticed that - but in retrospect great observation) - which still doesn't excuse the huge error made by Bale which gave them the first goal (without which we would have gone on for the win) - but there again - Defoe should have slotted the penalty (is there a worse place to put it than down and the middle and on the effing ground?).

      We've got Modric to come back - which will make a huge difference - what is interesting now is who will Harry let go and who will he bring in during the January window, and who will he bring back? Will Woody ever recover from his groin injury, or do we now have 2 CBs who are shaky from a fitness perspective (and if so - do we go after a couple more and dump one or both?). Alsos agree with the comment about the disappointment re: Hudd - so much ability, great touch, but there's something missing between his ears it seems (tho' he is still young).

      Bottom line is that we are 4th, and we have 3 games ahead that could see us pick up 9 points - let's hope 'arry can rally the troops and have them bounce back.

      And I still see a 4th spot at the end of the season despite some of the naysayers on this board!

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      • HI Old Fan twas me that was me on about Krankjar and my point was that Bale was left exposed and was covering the man with the ball attacking the inside right position. When that kid came down the right wing Bale misjudged his pace or got his angle of interception wrong and so was easily done!!
        If it had been Modric there he would have followed the full back's run and possibly stopped the pass being made, intercepted the ball or the full back.
        I know Bale wasn't great but nor was A-E in the first half, both for the same reason IMHO