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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 13, 2009 23:42 Flag

    Positives & Negatives..

    SB, sorry but what are you on about?!! I choose to comment on what irks me, I happen to agree that we can look weak in CM & like you, I'd love an upgrade but I didn't ignore your comment then repeat it myself - my point was that we were 2 CM's up against 3/4 and for 70 minutes we were on top of them. Then we suddenly tired & sat back & lost all momentum, my point was in that instance we needed fresh legs, NOT specifically new personnel. I'd have thought that was clear...
    Re your bugbear Corluka, yes he has helped Lennon rediscover his confidence. You are right in one respect, he is not an obvious out & out attacking FB, eg Chimbonda played in far more crosses but its not always about what you do with the ball - if you watch carefully you'll see Corluka's intelligent positioning, overlaps, timing of pass etc pull defenders away from Lennon, leaving space for Lennon to cut in where he often does damage. Just because you don't have the ball doesn't mean you don't influence play. It's pretty basic stuff actually. Lennon has been on fire ever since Corluka became our right back, he has been released to cause havoc and I, for one, love it & appreciate what his teammates do to help him. Next game you watch, try to see beyond what the man with the ball is doing. You might even enjoy it.