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    Positives & Negatives..

    Positives - Kranjar, Defoe ( despite his penalty miss ) Lennon, Huddlestone & Corluka.

    Negatives - Crouch ( WTF was he doing on the pitch - certainly not what he should have been doing, cost us 3 points with his miss when we were 2-0 up ) & BAE ( had an absolutely awful game ).

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    • i cant belive we let defoe take the pen. hes never been good at them & never looks confident. agreed about defoe,lennon & kranjar.
      suprised u didnt mention palacious, i thought he was easily are best player. we would have got beat without him.

      corluka wasnt good, gave away countless free kicks around the box & got beat easily a couple of times.
      crouch didnt have a good game but defoe missed chances too especially the pen!

      huddlestone still didnt enfoce himself enough on the game for a CM.

      ekotto was found out for what iv been saying all season. hes far too casual.

      dawson was poor again, lost saha for 1 goal & gave away needless free kicks as well.

      we are stil a soft touch away from home, imagine us without palacious!

      our away from is why we wont get near the 4th spot.
      with this team id be delighted with 6th spot.

      unless we get new full bks & a CM in jan then we will remain a 6th palce team.

    • BAE may have had a bad game, but he wouldn't have gotten beaten the way Bale did for Everton's first goal. And if they do not score that goal, they do not get back into the game!
      So for me - Bale was the worst of the lot - yes that was a nice free kick - but that's all he did, and he made a lot of errors.
      Palacios Lennon and Kranjcar were all splendid. Thought Defoe had a good game (although the penalty was bloody awful).
      I didn't think that Daws or Bassong were that bad.
      Hudd was average, and never really controlled the game as I would have expected him to do - WTF bringing on Jenas for Kranjcar? Crouch caused a bit of trouble, but also missed a lot.
      Didn't think Corluka had a bad game as SB will always claim (I'm convinced he must have done something really bad to her and/or her family).
      I am looking forward to Modric being back in the game (anyone know where his recovery is at?) - as a midfield of Lennon, Modric, Palacios, and Kranjcar is definitely juicy!!

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      • galway, didnt u predict we would beat everton?
        u forget that we dont fight as hard or want it enough like everton.
        we have much better quality players then everton but we didnt have the fight to hold on to a 2 goal lead.
        u can just dismiss this as a good pt but that attitudes why we never finish 4th.
        im sure last season u said all the dropped pts are fine because the lads will want to make up for it.
        what fight our boys have, they will play well & beat wolves at home. but soon as we play a physical team away we cant stomach it.

        iv always said bale should be played at left mid. bale wouldnt have had to come on if ekotto was being exposed.

        old fan i wasnt picking on corluka, i just said he made his normal mistakes of giving away stupid free kicks & being caught out of position.
        not paticularly bad but not good either. & definitly not good enough for a top 4 team. but then again we arent a top 4 team which is why u must be happy with corluka type standards.

        modric is a great player but hes not going to suddently make us stronger , work harder & fight more.

    • More Negatives - unable to defend a 2-goal lead against a very weak Everton side.

    • In spite of some negatives which are highlighted, we have the BEST squad ive seen in a long time here. Yes we had the usual collapse at the end as we always do but hey it wouldnt be the same if we didnt.

      I was watching the old live commentry courtesy of sky and yahoo and i kinda knew we'd let in two goals. Hey at least we didnt let in three. Now that would of fcked me off.

      Anyway, onto more important matters.......Would anyone like a freshly made toffee apple from my newly fitted confectionary counter?

      ...with a little cheese on top?

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      • Hey EBM - I'll take the toffee apple with cheese - but hold the toffee, and extra cheese please!

        For all the criticism, how many would have jumped all over 4th place in early December when we started the season?

        Do agree with whoever made the observation about Kranjcar leaving a hole in defense and not being a lot of help in that area of the park ( I hadn;t noticed that - but in retrospect great observation) - which still doesn't excuse the huge error made by Bale which gave them the first goal (without which we would have gone on for the win) - but there again - Defoe should have slotted the penalty (is there a worse place to put it than down and the middle and on the effing ground?).

        We've got Modric to come back - which will make a huge difference - what is interesting now is who will Harry let go and who will he bring in during the January window, and who will he bring back? Will Woody ever recover from his groin injury, or do we now have 2 CBs who are shaky from a fitness perspective (and if so - do we go after a couple more and dump one or both?). Alsos agree with the comment about the disappointment re: Hudd - so much ability, great touch, but there's something missing between his ears it seems (tho' he is still young).

        Bottom line is that we are 4th, and we have 3 games ahead that could see us pick up 9 points - let's hope 'arry can rally the troops and have them bounce back.

        And I still see a 4th spot at the end of the season despite some of the naysayers on this board!

    • allthough im fairly knew to posting i read these boards often to see how we spurs fans get carried away (wether positively or negatively)! all though i think both shows passion about the club...
      anyway from what i read i reckon spursbabe is one of the most gorunded individuals on here and often makes good points. it is unfair to say she is negative when shes listed a good few points as to why she isnt!! lol However i do feel we still can achieve top four, i mean man u lost to burnley, do people start questioning there top four status? no it would be ridiculous! liverpool seem to be in dire times, and although they now arent too far behind, can any1 realistically see things getting any easier for them? Man city are very suspect at defending and i believe we have a mroe astute manager than them. Everton, good players EXCELLENT manager, but well they can be spoken of until they start climbing the table fast. Villa imo are the only ones starting to show real promise and be our main rivals, however werent they here this time last season? im sure villa fans are just as used to disapointment as spurs! im now getting over wolves and thinking lets just get on with it get behind manager and players! were things this bad just 4 games ago? no so why would 2 draws against 2 good teams (wich we could of won and would of at begining of season) and one blip ruin our hopes.......

      to conclude:
      1) we arent in a bad posistion just let a good advantage slip!
      2)what happend to our belief in our strentgh in depth (including other managers/pundits)
      3)weve got a game coming up that could see us touting our hopes again
      4) all else fails weve got january window to sort a couple of things
      5) spursbabe may come across negative but mostly good points backed with facts


    • SB, I wish you'd go & 'support' someone else. You're obsessed with Corluka, fact is he was comfortably our best defender yesterday. Now I know you won't think that says much, but he's the only one who appears to have time on the ball, he closes people down, those 2 free kicks late on would have been ignored by most refs, he closed down Jo in the box (& prevented the chance) when the ball came in from the other side, you always say he doesn't do this. As I've said to you before, why do you think Lennon is in such great form since Corluka came to us - because Corluka supports him well, has a great touch, plays Lennon in constantly - he helps Lennon play. You apparently can't see beyond your blinkers.
      I feel in more general terms that we were getting overrun in midfield from 70 mins on, and was hoping Harry would bring on extra midfielder for Crouch. Jenas came on too late - O'Hara would have been perfect to break up Everton's resurgance.

    • Never claimed superiority SB - just that you are always negative - tho' of late you've been more balanced.
      And for what it's worth, my knowledge or lack thereof will never play a role in my sense of self.
      So to use your own words - read what is being written!

    • JP,
      Do you really believe that Crouch has been an overall asset?
      I wasn't too put out when we got him, as I rated him better with his feet than with his head (and much underestimated). BUT, I'm round the other way to you and now think that he's had an overall detrimental effect on the way we play when he is included. We seem to just throw the long ball up to him (obviously that's a sweeping generalisation), rather than working the ball around the box as we tend to with Keane/Daff (and especially as we used to with Modric/Keane).
      I don't blame Crouch for that at all - it's probably just seen that he's the easy ball (rather than working hard and moving).


      Day off today so its nice to get an early look at whats being posted on here instead of the the usual 7to 7-30 read and just in time for the evenings football on TV.

      Good post nick.
      Love the fact that we are all talking about the 4th spot and the teams around us and that we should have beaten VILLA and EVERTON and then VILLA go and beat the MANCS at their house just goes to show that anything can happen in this game.

      Also if Man City had turned their 8 draws into wins they would be racing away at the top of the TABLE.

      However,tonight is another story and as MC play a simillar style of attacking football as us we are in for a very good game which we will be desperately trying to win in order to keep up the fight for 4th spot and i do feel that we defend sligthly better than them.

      The good thing is,is that there are 23 games to go which i'm sure will see 4th 5th 6th and 7th spot rotating up untill the final game.

      Anyway enough of my drivell and good LUCK to us ALL.

      SPURS FOR EVER COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SB, sorry but what are you on about?!! I choose to comment on what irks me, I happen to agree that we can look weak in CM & like you, I'd love an upgrade but I didn't ignore your comment then repeat it myself - my point was that we were 2 CM's up against 3/4 and for 70 minutes we were on top of them. Then we suddenly tired & sat back & lost all momentum, my point was in that instance we needed fresh legs, NOT specifically new personnel. I'd have thought that was clear...
      Re your bugbear Corluka, yes he has helped Lennon rediscover his confidence. You are right in one respect, he is not an obvious out & out attacking FB, eg Chimbonda played in far more crosses but its not always about what you do with the ball - if you watch carefully you'll see Corluka's intelligent positioning, overlaps, timing of pass etc pull defenders away from Lennon, leaving space for Lennon to cut in where he often does damage. Just because you don't have the ball doesn't mean you don't influence play. It's pretty basic stuff actually. Lennon has been on fire ever since Corluka became our right back, he has been released to cause havoc and I, for one, love it & appreciate what his teammates do to help him. Next game you watch, try to see beyond what the man with the ball is doing. You might even enjoy it.

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