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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 8, 2009 17:33 Flag

    We cant close games out

    Morning Alfie, I remember the Man U game as well, couldn't defend under pressure. Citeh were the team down to 10 in my mind when they beat us, F A cup wasn't it?
    I can even remember a game I watched against Pompey, late 50- early60s.
    It was 5 - 0 at half time and ended up 5 - 5. Not sure but I think we were winning.
    Seems like we can't manage to defend once we get in front, especially if, like Everton on Sunday, they through everything at us. Somebody should get a grip on the lads and remind them that we know how to pass and hold on to the ball!!

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    • I still maintain that the game changed (as they often do) on one moment, and that moment was the error by Bale that let in the first goal!
      I do think Bale has (or at least had) potential, but as in the past, his defending is woeful even if he can at times shine going forward (although he played some awful balls on Sunday).
      Overall I think we are doing better towards the end of the game - and we have come back to win a few if my memory serves. So while we can still improve in this area, we have improved considerably. Again - compare where we are now to where we were 12 months ago - compare the team balance today with 12 months ago - compare our shape with 12 months ago .... etc. etc.
      As the saying goes - it's progress not perfection!