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  • Old Fan Old Fan Dec 8, 2009 23:36 Flag

    We cant close games out

    I still maintain that the game changed (as they often do) on one moment, and that moment was the error by Bale that let in the first goal!
    I do think Bale has (or at least had) potential, but as in the past, his defending is woeful even if he can at times shine going forward (although he played some awful balls on Sunday).
    Overall I think we are doing better towards the end of the game - and we have come back to win a few if my memory serves. So while we can still improve in this area, we have improved considerably. Again - compare where we are now to where we were 12 months ago - compare the team balance today with 12 months ago - compare our shape with 12 months ago .... etc. etc.
    As the saying goes - it's progress not perfection!

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    • bale was definitely at fault for the first goal, the defending for the second was schoolboy crap, think it's more of a mental attitude when the other team up the ante and play with more passion, we simply can't match the commitment and coolheadedness to survive, a fact i'm sure 'arry knows all too well.

      look at all the 'top four' sides, they all have a 'nasty' edge to their game(bordering on dirty play/tactics) which we don't have, sadly.

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      • Personally, I put it down to the players' state of mind.
        We need to draft in a "SUPER" Psychologist to untwist their minds and make them hungrier, not complacent.

        Look at the top 4 teams. They keep pushing even if they're 4 goals up, as if their life depends on it - that's being HUNGRY!

        Against Wigan, we did that. Why then can't we continue with such attitude match-in, match-out... It's ridiculous!

      • ery well put Jabba...we definitely need to get nasty with our opponents...especially when we're in front (which is often). So who else do we need in to be nasty (but that has a bit of common football sense...so no more Michael Brown's thank you). I remember Harry talking about getting that Welsh nutter in when he was leaving West Ham...basically said, he's not a nice guy...we need someone like that...but in mid-field (Bellamy)...and we need full backs that can get stuck in (but I guess that's a skill for an age gone by)...now they've got to be swift to track their pacey opposite number...and don't commit (BAE) in hope that the winger will fall over his own feet.

        That is one part of BAE's game that needs improving...then he'll be a complete full back.