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  • Layla Layla Dec 11, 2009 22:05 Flag

    We cant close games out

    jabba,i 100% agree with u!

    my statement was acutually a dig at some other posters who have ago at me for making negative comments about spurs.
    but when theres a negative thread like this 1, they dont ssay anything.
    but soon as i say a negative comment they get excited & post loads of nonesence about me being too negative.

    i like u have concerns about our team. especially when u pay a lot of money to see u & they dont perform.

    before the everton game i said a pt away is decent but obviously throwing a 2 goal lead away to a weak everton team leads to one illogical thing... negativity!

    although some on here seem to think throwing away 2 goals is a positive thing.