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    We cant close games out

    been our problem for a long while, and it has to be our defensive attitude, we dont really know how to kill games off that we should win, ok so Everton came back at us, but they shouldn't of even been within touchin distance, we had chances to take it to 3-0...as for casual defending SB i agree with you...far too many silly free kicks around the box....funny we got an away point ..but against a team that had a temporary back four ...now that isn't top four form for me ...hate to admit it, but being realistic ....we have to be tighter defensively .(from front to back) ...

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    • ah all is now clear sb.

    • jabba,i 100% agree with u!

      my statement was acutually a dig at some other posters who have ago at me for making negative comments about spurs.
      but when theres a negative thread like this 1, they dont ssay anything.
      but soon as i say a negative comment they get excited & post loads of nonesence about me being too negative.

      i like u have concerns about our team. especially when u pay a lot of money to see u & they dont perform.

      before the everton game i said a pt away is decent but obviously throwing a 2 goal lead away to a weak everton team leads to one illogical thing... negativity!

      although some on here seem to think throwing away 2 goals is a positive thing.

    • just to endorse my last post, and also emphasise, just look at the way we folded vs manure, chelsea, ar5ena1, and how we find it hard to get points from workmanlike teams.

      before the everton game i would've said a point would be good, but we were coasting at 2:0, then everton decided to up the pace and we floundered, couldn't cope with it and didn't know how to respond.

      is that the sign of a top four club? or the sign of a club that has those ambitions? answer= NO!

      it's again the same old story for us, it has been for a long time and continues to be that way, we play lovely flowing football at times, but that simply isn't enough if we want to aspire to anything higher, fact.

    • what a sweeping statement, careful to be sick in a bowl then!

      it's not negativity, it's a statement of fact, no ones knocking the football we play, just questioning the steel needed to go that step further.

      how the hell are we going to compete at the highest level and stay there without the commitment and backbone that is clearly lacking?

      perhaps you answer that when you've stopped being sick.

    • gosh, u guys are so negative. i hope u stop supporting spurs. im glad not all spurs supporters i like u.
      u make me sick.

      oh, wheres the rest of the people criticising negative comments?

    • Not being able to close games out is a serious problem, if we think we can play CL football conceding so many soft goals,it will be a waste of time.
      We will not get past the qualifying round.
      There are 4 teams fighting for 4th place this year, last time there was a straight fight between us and the scum and we cracked!! Same problem not closing out games when ahead. Did'nt we have a 2-0 lead at Fulham and lost 3-2 to late goals that year??
      Some people go on about it being a learning curve, but FFS we're not Burnley played only 14 games in the league, we have been a top flight team for yonks now!!

    • it never seems to change Greg. We love snatching defeat from the jaws of victory stuff.

      With this squad i feel we can change it, but when we do have these Everton moments, the memories of recent games as such comes flooding back. I hate to say it but its always that Man Utd game 3-5 and the Man citeh game when we were down to 10 men and lost that spring to mind. I cant shift it.

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      • Morning Alfie, I remember the Man U game as well, couldn't defend under pressure. Citeh were the team down to 10 in my mind when they beat us, F A cup wasn't it?
        I can even remember a game I watched against Pompey, late 50- early60s.
        It was 5 - 0 at half time and ended up 5 - 5. Not sure but I think we were winning.
        Seems like we can't manage to defend once we get in front, especially if, like Everton on Sunday, they through everything at us. Somebody should get a grip on the lads and remind them that we know how to pass and hold on to the ball!!