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  • Sfer Sfer Dec 10, 2009 20:43 Flag

    Pavy to the Ar$e?

    It has been reported (although we all know how ridiculous some reports can be) that Ar$e are interested in Pavy. Apparently Whinger might be looking to reunite Pavy with Arse-shavin which makes it more credible.

    We all know Whinger is looking for a new striker as he has now said so.

    How would we feel about that if it happens?

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    • Apologies for posting a load of waffle on your board today Yids but one more post from your favourite and most lovable Gooner (thats me fools!)

      Pav. to Arsenal?

      Certainly wouldnt say no myself and would be extremely interesting to see him link up with Arshavin!

      You buggers wont sell him to us though so he would have to throw a MAJOR tantrum if it was ever to workout i would imagine

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      • I think he'll leave, and I think he might show some of what he potentially has alongside Arshavin - but I think 'arry will sell him somewhere on the continent rather than to you lot. Plus I don't think Wenger (and they call us the Yids!) will come up with the necessary cash - his wallet is pinched tighter than his mug!
        In general, I don't think he has what it takes to really make it in the Prem - he seems to be a little frail ... a weaker and less talented version of Berbatov (and let's face it - he isn't exactly lighting it up with Manure).

    • P.s. Old fan. i'll admit i was being somewhat mischievious with my post yesterday and therefore expected to get stick.

      I dont mean any harm though.

      Just call me a C*nt and slag off my team in return and thats fine by me.

    • I think the quality in the squads of City, Villa and Spurs are already extremely close to if not already on a par with the now traditional top four.

      Consistency and confidence is what will make the difference in the final reckoning as always.

      I certainly wouldnt place a bet on who will end up where this season.

    • Fab - I guess after getting stiffed 1-0 by Wolves at home - I wasn't really in the best of humor! I was excited about the possibility of a good run to the end of the year, and then sitting in a good position for a run at the top 4 in the New Year. Hopefully this is something we can rebound from - tho' on the up side, that fact that we have been competitive and even talking about top 4/top 3 speaks for the progress we've made in the past 12 months. If we make it to the top 4 (and I still think we will), it will be by the skin of our teeth, and to stay there we are going to have to upgrade a few positions if we want to be competitive on a regular basis. Money from the CL will help that.
      I'm thinking that 2-3 years from now, the quality of the top 4 for the past several years will start to filter down the table, and we will be talking about the competition for the top 8. I could see there being more parity among the clubs going deeper into the prem. So in addition to the top 4, I could see us, Villa, Everton, Citeh all being on a par,

    • IF and its a BIG "IF" Wiley Wenger decided to buy Pav. you can BET your house your lad would be CHOMPING at the bitt to pull on that FAMOUS Red and White Arsenal shirt.

      Question is (seriously chaps) ......apart from Ledley and lets face it he is a crock anyhow, is there a Spurs player who does not secretly DESIRE the cannon PROUDLY emblazoned on his chest?

      Easy now.

    • No.

      Wenger is going to bid and try to get the Moroccan, Maruanne Chamakh, who currently plays for Bordeaux. He will likely get him for a lower price too since Chamakh will be cup-tied in the Champions League.

      Pavlyuchenko is most likely headed to Roma, or whichever club Hiddink ends up at. Recall Hiddink trying to get Chelsea to buy him since he rates him (Pavlyuchenko) highly.

    • And to be honest, if a big club came in for him, no matter who, could we really blame him for going?

      He has never really been given a fair shot (when he came here, he'd already played the equivalent of a season and a half of football with no break, so i was hoping he'd be given a chance this season, but it hasn't happened). Regardless of his ability (again, because opinions on this vary) I don't think he owes the club loyalty as he's been keeping the bench warm all season.

      Of course, going to Arsenal makes it a bit of a sticky one, but still.

      in any event, I think we'll see Pavy off to Roma in Jan, think the whole move to Arsenal is mostly paper talk.

    • We all know AW is not just a Whinger, but also a Miser.
      I say we stamp 40mil on Pav's head... that will make him LEAP back to France!