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    WELL,it's pretty quiet on here tonight,maybe we're all in shock or just too stunned to get typing.

    After friday nights predictions of 4-0 and 4-1s it just comes to show you that you can't take anything for granted in the EPL.

    This has to be our worst defeat so far,but the thing that worries me most'is that other lower clubs will come to the Lane thinking they can equally leave with something.

    Truely hope that this was just a mental thing and that by the time we realized it was for real that the whistle had gone.

    Will watch the game on football first on sky just to convince myself that it's all not a bad dream and hopefully take solace that we were all over them but couldn't manage to score,but if it's due to the fact that KEANE started and was wearing the armband,then i think i might have to pop round HARRY'S and punch him on the nose(as some of you know how much i love him.)

    However it seems that our closest rivals equally were having bad days,thus all is not lost.

    Some feedback please,especially from those who attended the game.

    COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEFFALL

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