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  • All I would say is, '...don't believe the hype...'.
    Judge the team, and the teams around us yourself and don't listen to all the dross out there.

    People keep slamming Keane - what did Daffy do? And as for Crouch and the long high ball...no,no,no...

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    • John your comments on Keane and Daffy are correct, every one is on Keanes case now, but i have to strongly agree with you Daffy was very poor today in a game on paper he should have exploited as he did in the Wigan game, you would expect him to go one better against a team like Wolves, in fairness to Wolves they had done there homework and i think McCarthy had his tactics correct, we just could not get through, Harry barks that they just could not break Wolves down almost every other club has, there does not seem any motivation from him, the Everton game he just stood there the Man Utd game stood there arms folded.
      I never try to be negative, but believe it or not we are still up there in the pack but things need sorting and quickly,we have so much staff on hand that were brought in to sort all different areas out people like Clive Allen, Les Ferdinand, Tim Sherwood, Jamie Redknapp and Tony Parkes are we to assume these are not accountable to what is happening they must be paid shed loads of money and are very much under achieving for us.
      One other comment i would make is and this is does not happen to often i thought are fans were far from our best yesterday we are notorious for are own voice but the Wolves fans put us to shame yesterday, i just thought i hope they do not think we are going back to the Ramos days, There was hardly a peep something i found very unusual.
      I travel to most games and i live in the Midlands but i can tell you it was a long lonely drive back up the M1 and i hope its not the same this coming Wednesday, as im afraid its becoming an uncomfortable habit its time Harry and his highly paid staff pulled there socks up or ship out.

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      • i hate to be right but iv been saying all season this isnt a top 4 team & harry isnt a top 4 manager. & there are plenty of reasons why. i could just see the inevitable.

        problem is, we beat a few poor teams at home & the odd away win & somespurs fans think top 4 is ours.

        its not even xmas & we have lost at home to stoke & wolves.

        im not saying sack redknapp because that would be stupid.

        he has done amazing to get us from the bottom to a guranteed top 8 team in my opinion.
        but i honestly dont think he has the brain to get us in the top 4.
        but he is still a good manager & needs this season & next season to fully be given a chance.
        so lets back him.

        i disagree with a few things he has done like,
        keane on left & captain
        lack of chances he give to younger players like santos
        lack of respect for cups (noticed how since the carling cup loss we not won)imagine if we had beaten utd away the confidence it would give & the belief that we can beat top teams)

        the players are also accountable. we have far too many decent but not good players like,

        when u have basically got 1 good CM (palacious) playing every game how do u expect to control the game?

        most goals we concede are from full bk positions, again on saturday a stupid free kick out wide. ekotto & corluka are ok but not great.

        we need a new CM in jan. looks like we have to sell to buy so i think parker would be affordable. parker alongside palacious.
        keep hudd as back up & sell jenas.

        we need our full bks to start performing. im not just picking on corluka who was decent yesterday. but also ekotto.
        they both again are decent players but both give away free kicks, get caught out of positon & dont create enough assists.
        i said at the beginning of the season figourora from wigan looks really good & what a goal he scored yesterday!
        so get figuorora in & then we have him & ekotto competing for LB.
        get another RB so we have corluka & new RB competing for RB.
        look at the diff the everton RB made against us, imagine if we had some one as quick running down the righ complementing lennon.

        im happy with,

        gomes-improved so much
        woodgate & king are quality when fit
        bassong & dawson are good but still a lot to learn but love them to develop here.
        palacious really good holding CM & lots of energy & tackles.
        modric class.
        lennon on fire
        defoe direct & always will get us 20goals a season.

        worth keeping,
        corluka & ekotto to challenge for Full Bk.
        hudd back up as CM.
        crouch gives a diff option upfront.

        needs a chance,
        santos-especially when we need creativity like yesterday
        bale -as LM as back up to modric.

        sell for minimium of
        hutton 5m
        bentley 8m
        pav 8m
        keane 8m
        jenas 5m

        total of 34m


        parker 8m
        figuorora 8m
        a new striker?

        i still dont think we can get 4th unless we buy in jan & if we did get top 4 a lot of it would be to do with teams around us under performing.

        now for a change some positives from me.

        we play good attacking passing football most of the time.
        we have class players who would get in any team like defoe,lennon & modric.
        we are only about 3 players short out of 11 of being a top 4 team.
        we got a good set of players.
        at worst we are a top8 team which is a great improvement since iv been supporting spurs.
        the fact we would all be disapointed with 7th or 8th shows u how far we have come.
        harry & the boys have done some great stuff already this season(wigan game unforgetable, & thats not the only hammering)
        lots to looke foward too, if we keep the core of our team & replace some around 3 of the weaker players with classier ones then theres no reason why we shouldnt get 4th.
        we arent at our best yet we still in the mix for 4th.
        sorry for this long & boring post but this is what i have thought all season & nothings changed that.