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  • just finished watching the game on the pc, wtf is happening? took until roughly the 75min before they started playing one touch footie and started to open them up, but...................what can we call it? ineptitude? or just plain clueless?

    we just haven't got a clue at how to break down teams that defend deep or show a will to grind it out.

    starting to flounder, let's hope it doesn't last too long.

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    • Why have Modric on the left when we have Kranjcar doing a great job there now?

      I'd prefer to see Modric having a free-ranging midfield role to cause havoc with the oppo defence. Lennon switches from right to left then back again and confuses defenders, so no reason Modric can't do the same in the centre of the midfield.

    • Yeah, I think we should hold on to Hudd, but I see him more as a fringe player who could come on to give us something different. He seems to do better in that regard.

      A new CM is top of my list, as when Modric is back fully I'm thinking he should stay out on the left.

    • i agree about needing a new CM. i dont know what we can do with hudd. hes a good passer & striker of the ball but he isnt mobile enough for the CM position.

    • i agree what a good analysis! several areas need looking at in jan for us to have a top 4 team! i reckon these players are good enough for top four finish...

      King (but maybe too late for him now...)
      Lennon (walk into any team in the league)

      i reckon with a little encouragement krancjar, gio and bale could all make the grade also!

      thing is though 2 'top four teams' have there weakness, look at arsenal no strength, liverpool no striker back up...

      Lets do something special and beat man city for only the second time so far!!!

    • All I would say is, '...don't believe the hype...'.
      Judge the team, and the teams around us yourself and don't listen to all the dross out there.

      People keep slamming Keane - what did Daffy do? And as for Crouch and the long high ball...no,no,no...

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      • John your comments on Keane and Daffy are correct, every one is on Keanes case now, but i have to strongly agree with you Daffy was very poor today in a game on paper he should have exploited as he did in the Wigan game, you would expect him to go one better against a team like Wolves, in fairness to Wolves they had done there homework and i think McCarthy had his tactics correct, we just could not get through, Harry barks that they just could not break Wolves down almost every other club has, there does not seem any motivation from him, the Everton game he just stood there the Man Utd game stood there arms folded.
        I never try to be negative, but believe it or not we are still up there in the pack but things need sorting and quickly,we have so much staff on hand that were brought in to sort all different areas out people like Clive Allen, Les Ferdinand, Tim Sherwood, Jamie Redknapp and Tony Parkes are we to assume these are not accountable to what is happening they must be paid shed loads of money and are very much under achieving for us.
        One other comment i would make is and this is does not happen to often i thought are fans were far from our best yesterday we are notorious for are own voice but the Wolves fans put us to shame yesterday, i just thought i hope they do not think we are going back to the Ramos days, There was hardly a peep something i found very unusual.
        I travel to most games and i live in the Midlands but i can tell you it was a long lonely drive back up the M1 and i hope its not the same this coming Wednesday, as im afraid its becoming an uncomfortable habit its time Harry and his highly paid staff pulled there socks up or ship out.

    • Dare I ask, but have we just experienced yet another false dawn at WHL?

      Once again us Spurs faithful are left to squirm at the embarrassment of losing to one of the lower teams. But the most annoying thing about losing to Stoke and Wolves (at home for God's sake!) is the fact that we are missing a golden opportunity to grab that top four spot. It is wide open up there and yet Spurs are just throwing away the chance - it's tragic (and f**king annoying!).

      WELL,it's pretty quiet on here tonight,maybe we're all in shock or just too stunned to get typing.

      After friday nights predictions of 4-0 and 4-1s it just comes to show you that you can't take anything for granted in the EPL.

      This has to be our worst defeat so far,but the thing that worries me most'is that other lower clubs will come to the Lane thinking they can equally leave with something.

      Truely hope that this was just a mental thing and that by the time we realized it was for real that the whistle had gone.

      Will watch the game on football first on sky just to convince myself that it's all not a bad dream and hopefully take solace that we were all over them but couldn't manage to score,but if it's due to the fact that KEANE started and was wearing the armband,then i think i might have to pop round HARRY'S and punch him on the nose(as some of you know how much i love him.)

      However it seems that our closest rivals equally were having bad days,thus all is not lost.

      Some feedback please,especially from those who attended the game.

      COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEFFALL