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    Hate to be negative...

    ....but weve gifted villa a chance of putting distance between us and that 4th spot there sitting on! Could be 5 points behind by wednesday! I mean who would bet against villa to beat sunderland? And i personally wouldn't put massive amounts on tottenham getting anything more then a draw agaisnt city! Although i do feel we can claim the win!
    The way i see the league we could be as low as 7th after the city game... or we could be as high as 4th!

    How do others see it?!

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    • haha posted on a diff acount for my fantasy team!

      Nick spurs!

    • i said in a previous post muntari, but there never seems to be any truth in that rumour.... were as sandro we seem to be close? also im sure redknapp 'discoverd' muntari and brout him to the lime light, could be wrong, but wouldnt it be nice if we got sandro chepaer and he turned out to be as good as/better then muntari?! dream world i do live in! Also Dawson is EXCELLENT!! Especially as captain

    • old fan-good to see we agree. id sell pav. hes not had a fair chance but i still dont think he will ever be good enough for us or a top prem team. happily sell him for 10m.
      then either get in a new 4th choice foward or we could promote a youngster?or even let gio play behind the main striker if needed?

      im happy with bassong, hes young & learning so id rather not get upson or a new CB.

      parker is tough despite his size. he would give energy in the middle, can tackle, pass & run at players with the ball.

      not seen sandro so not going to say get him. i like muntari.

    • kind of like to see the youngsters given more chances off the bench than these dead wood waiting for a move, but we don't have a great recent history of that - might be time to very bold, but don't quote me on that
      could Huddlestone ever convert to CB full time? wouldn't that be handy...

    • is Parker tough enough for what we need SB?

    • agree, new CM a must. But is that all there is, no-one else who may cost more but be fully worth it, I know Muntari is rumoured half decent but never really watched him enough. If he's as good as Palacios, I'd say sign him. He's given us a bite we've lacked for years.
      Guess there may be someone on the radar that we don't know about
      re CB, I meant more of a long-term improvement/replacement for either Woodgate or King, as we can't keep counting on Dawson & Bassong, to be honest I'd rather Bassong esp was a reserve CB. Upson would be better but I'd like to see any budget focussed on tightening the squad while improving it, priority get in a top CM if we can find him. Time to cash in on some of our non-players, all will bring in decent cash to help us now.
      Upson could work Def do not want Ferdinand!

    • new CM is a must for transfer window.
      i also dont see the point spending money on a CB who we will only use for a month.
      id definitly slot hudd into CB as he is ok there.
      sandro or muntari if we have that kind of money, but if not i still would like parker & he would be half the price.
      i notice rafa being linked with him. i think parker is so under rated.

    • id get this sandro geeza, sounds pretty good not seen much of him but im sure harrys done his homework! i wouldnt bother with a CB, to be fair its not needed! We have huddlestone and corluka, niether amazing CB but surely enough to get us through without leaving short in other places. Also this igves modric a chance to get back in CM, i mean you cant just drop huddlestone, so moving him to CB opens his place back up ;) id say spend 20m on a decent CM and then try get a proven goal scorer who if comes off the bench will be raring to go! or retain the funds for summer, if we get this top 4 spot we will need improvements to the whole sqaud to stay in CL!

    • SB or any of you guys, if we sold Hutton, Pav, Bentley & Jenas for say 30-35million (but kept keane), and wanted to spend it all on a defensive CM & new CB (which i agree with, better 2 top players than 4 underperformers), we have the money to buy top quality. Anyone out there you fancy for up to 20 million each ish? Which 2 would you pick & could we realistically get them? I guess Upson may be one...

    • Hey SB - we seem to agree on something - that's a first! Must be Christmas....
      What do you think should be done with Pavy - you didn't mention him in your email.

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