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  • Love to see the win - I really can't see it though.

    So its a 2-2 for me...huh!! for once I am in agreement with you Spurbabe!

    In my 'Bouncing back from the Wolves game thread' I said that we would get a 1-0 win, but we have been leaking goals left, right and centre recently.

    And with Carlos 'Quasimodo' Tevez scoring for fun for City at the moment, I can't see us keeping a clean sheet. Also Adeboo-boo also has quite a prolific scoring record against us

    Ho-hum... being a Spurs fan can be very stressful at times!

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    • I'll agree with the 3-2...

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      • Yeah, must win game which means it'll end up a draw.

        But for predictions sake I'm going to let my heart rule my head and say 3-1 Spurs. I can dream......

        But this is one we really do need to win to keep in the race for 4th. Firstly to keep up with Villa and also to put some distance between us and City, who have a game in hand.

        I'm undecided on who I'd like to see up front. Theoretically I think Keane could do more with them, as he's a better player, but they aren't the tallest CB pairing for City so Crouch could be a threat. I guess who which ever he goes with if they aren't doing well he can swap at half time.

        Good that Bridge is injured too - Lennon could have a hell of a game, although their Brazilian cover is good, he is getting on, not sure how he does for pace. I think our left side could be an interesting one too - I believe its Richards who plays RB for City - who is really good in the air, which would mean we need someone who can go at him. Maybe could get a look in at some point. With City so strong in the centre of Midfield I see they key to our game being down the flanks.

        But we will have our hands full defending in this one. Tevez is a great player and a real work horse - he'll be a real danger. And then it also depends on which Adebeyor turns up.

        Tough one, but one we need to step up too.