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  • dorsetspur dorsetspur Dec 17, 2009 17:59 Flag

    man city

    Dawson.......couldn't agree more John.For me Dawson has come of age.soild and a leader.MOTM yes......though you could pick out 9 others too for their contribution......who have I left out? Corluka......not impressed by him.seems he has trouble controlling the easiest of balls.Great result!!!!!! COYS

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      What did I say? Haven't I backed Dawson for a long time now? His problem has been he's not been getting the starts, not his ability once he does, which I think he's proved now. Being picked inconsistently has meant his form's been inconsistent, which is why I hoped he'd recover from injury before Woody (so he had a chance to prove himself).

      I'm repeating myself here, but do you remember when he was playing with the likes of Gardner? He was outstanding then, and completely owned the defense. I think it's playing with Woody (and others) which has knocked his performance; he was playing out of his skin, then someone else came in meaning he was unsure of his standing in the team, whether he'd even be kept, and I can imagine him & Woodgate not getting on personality-wise which would make an immediate partnership harder...

      I hope he remains first choice for a while, to help build his confidence and establish his playing style etc. And because I think he's more consistent than Woodgate.

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      • NBR,
        Be as smug as you like!

        IMHO Daws should have been in the England squad a couple of years back. He's a talented CB and is comfortable in the air and on the ball. How Upson gets in ther ahead of him I just don't know.

        I could just (only just) about understand (I didn't agree, but could understand why) 'arry giving Ledley a game in preference , but I now can't see how he can persist with dropping Daws to the bench when Ledley and Woodie are fit. To me Daws is the best CB we have (....again I don't dispute that Ledley ***when fully fit*** is better, but that hasn't been the case for a couple of seasons) - and on top of that, I can see Daws and Bassong becoming a formidable pairing.

        Terry and Ferdinand have had their day, it's time to blood some younger talent.

        It would be good to get virtually the spine of the England team picked from our boys. Dawson, Huddlestone (if he can become consistently good), Lennon and Defoe. Shame Robinson's gone, as I bet if he was still here, he'd also be in the squad.

      • SPOT ON NBR.

        Think you'll find that some of my earlier posts say something similar and for me DAWS has allways shown passion for the club and game.

        When you see players like JOHN TERRY ,RYAN GIGGS and GARY MABUTT wearing the CAPTAINS armband it feels like it's been worn with PRIDE,which i'm sure must filter thrugh the team as every GREAT team has always had a great CAPTAIN.


        SPURS FOR EVER. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!